Thursday, January 31, 2008

Face lift to the blog. Mama - the sole daily reader, wasn't liking the last format. She says it wasnt good for aging eyes. Pardon the construction.

Is this better?

Since I am confessing....

I'll add a few more to the list from yesterday's weighty confession.
First, I ate an entire pack of Orbit cinnamon gum in 6 hours (That is 2.33 pieces of gum/hour). The funny thing is the cinnmon flavor really hurts my stomach for some reason but I still continue. Really.... this is sickening. I boght the overpriced pack of gum at the overpriced gas station nearest our comfy abode. The pack was purchased at 8:28am (yes, slightly late for work due to the fact that I had been on empty for the last two days and finally caved) and now it is 1:55pm and I am devouring the last piece. It's not even that it is the most tasty thing in the world or that I have stink breath - but I have self diagnosed myself with the 'itis' titled oral-fixationitis. I like to always have something to chew on, suck on (butterscotch being my favorite), lick (even envelopes count) or sip on. Always.
Or maybe it's just when I am bored....??? Either way, it has become quite humorous. The other day my mama told B-rad that growing up I always pulled a cookie or cracker out of somewhere and as she was saying this - sure enough a little animal cracker jumped out of my purse right into my mouth. Talent - I tell you.

Secondly.....I forgot the second confession. Oh yeah (no wonder),Confession numero dos - forgetting that there are dishes to be done and clothes to be cleaned as a wife. Don't worry mama-Cindy, I feed Brad well but I am defintely failing on the wifely-duties around the house. Brad is great at making the bed and putting away clothes. Me, on the other hand - I would rather let it all sit and then have a power-clean over a few hour period with music blaring in the background and the windows open. Everything has to be an event for me. Did you know that, Brad? Haha.
Luckily, Brad doesnt seem to mind my forgetfulness (or selective memory if I am honest) and continues to praise me on the things that I have mastered (reference previous!)And, I am highly entertaining in the evenings when I am uber-tired. My legs twitch and I mix up the consonants in phrases and this always gets a laugh. "B-rad, will you pour me a wass of glawter before bed?

And, coming in last place for my daily confesions is my recent and growing addiction to the news. I can't really get started on this because I would scare you but I have become a walking AP wire. I am addicted to the heated political news, what Mr. Bush is doing to try to give me money to buy things I dont need, what is actually happening to the economy, the brutatlity in Kenya since the elections, who is evading water restrictions in Cobb name it. It started with the case of Meredith Emerson a few weeks ago. I didnt sleep at night because I didnt want to miss any breaking news. Secretly, I wanted to solve the puzzle. Is this another "itis?" The irony in this dangerous confession is that I am always telling folks that ask that I "just want to get away fomr everything." I want to be away from instant email on my blackberry and away from the Today show and away from the hustle and bustle of a fast city. But as soon as I say that I have to check WSJ to see what typical-Hillary thing Hillary has done lately and how far the stock market has plumented in the last hour. Maybe this recent obsession (though, obsession doesnt quite capture it...fixation..fetish???) is due to my current job of 3 months. I am constantly needing to know who is who and what they are up to in Atlanta so I end up reading all of the papers and online updates... just in case.

Speaking last piece of Orbit cinnamon is failing me and I am sure someone else has endorsed Mr. McCain (I am certainly not endorsing him by saying his name - just an example) in the last hour. Gotta run.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday's around our house

....are our looooong days. I guess it is fitting because Wednesday is the middle of the week and after enduring a long day it is usually (optimistically speaking)downhill from there. Brad is finishing his MBA and is currently taking his last class. My husband is the cutest school boy you have ever seen. Yesterday he left the house in his glasses that make him look like he writes novels and his new sweater that makes him look like he has all the answers. Brad really does have all the answers. I love asking him about why bark grows on trees and then why Rudy should be our next president. He has a compelling answer for both and I always believe him. Maybe it is the look he has going on. Funny thing is if I ask him how to get somewhere or where something is - I always second guess. I know that is probably not good for his manhood but let's be honest - I've got street smarts! Or atleast I think I do which I think is the problem because I am dangerously naive and even more dangerously optimistic.
Back to Wednesdays....Brad has class until 9:00pm tonight. I am glad it isn't me. I feel badly for him having such a long day so I usually try to make sure he eats breakfast and I send him with snacks and stuff. I always have a yummy late dinner waiting too. I like to cook for him. I have found that that is one thing I truly like to do despite everyone telling me my whole life that I had not a domestic bone in my body.
While Brad is in school I indulge myself and I feel guilty even telling you what I do. I feel guilty because I plan things around my little secret indulgence. I wont schedule dinner with friends on Wednesday's or any work past 4:45. It's sinful! Every Wednesday I head up 85 to the atheletic club to work out for as long as I want! My friends would always tell you that I have always been addicted to endorphins so my little vice should come as no surprise but ever since this other person shares a schedule with me I feel a little more guilty taking in the endorphins for long periods of time. Luckily, sometimes Brad likes to join me on my little kicks and that is always a welcome surprise. So, there! I said it. It's out. I do not like that Brad has to sit in a chair all day only to drive an hour to sit in a chair at school until late in the night. I dont like it at all and I am so glad that soon this schedule will be different. But I will say, how then can I convince Brad that he, too, must join me for some pilates and salsa dancing and kickboxing or else? I secretly love long Wednesdays! After this confession I feel a little lighter too!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Only 98 others

I have always been fond of my name. This is one thing I think my parents did do pretty well for each of us kids. Each of my siblings names are equally as appealling if you want my opinion.

Often in college classmates would respond to my name when I introduced myself by also telling me about their 83 year old grandmother in South Carolina named Betsy. I was still flattered and felt wiser just from the complement. I've only met a few other lucky Betsy's luckily named Betsy and all of them are charmers in their own way. I even like the root of my name. Elizabeth is the root of my name and you can look it up if you dont believe me and no,...I dont know why Betsy is short for Elizabeth but it is.... Certainly it is confusing to go by a name that isnt your first middle or last name but it is worth it I have come to conclude. Even among name changing on everything from Delta skymiles accounts to magazine subsciptions once we were was a fight but I am okay with the fight since I have such a great name.
I've always loved aliteration, too, so I wont try to pretend when you tell me how cute my new name is that I had never thought about it before. I, like many of my bashful girl friends, wrote down the lastname of a suitor with my name just to see if there was a shot at a love connection. Once I wrote down my soon-to-be-new-lastname that beautifully begins with a "B" -I was sold! (aside from the many other more compelling qualities about my husband.) I immediatly was wisked away to a land where "Betsy B____" would be the author of a quirky-girly-stream-of-consciousness type book or a party planner for a big hotel in NewYork or maybe even a News anchor. I always wanted to be the weather girl on Chanel 2??? Oh... the shoes I would fill with my new name!

Not to add, my new other half's perfect first name is "Brad." I like to call him B-rad, though.
Does this story get any better? Don't you want to invite us to dinner just to say "Brad and Betsy B_____ are coming over for suppa?" The only down side to this cute little story is that I always wanted to name some of my offspring with cute little "B" names that I had written in a secret journal in 6th grade. Now I refuse to be a family full of B's with a "B" lastname. I can maybe name a second child a "B" name because then you wouldnt think it purposeful.

The funny thing is that when Brad and I were engaged everything seemed to have to do with the cute little letter "B". We planned our wedding at a Bed and Breakfast. We had the rehearsal dinner in a Barn. We cheered on our Beloved Bulldawgs everyweekend. Brad adores beer. And backside's. My backside that is. He had started working at a Bank aptly titled with two B's in the goes on. I don't have an answer as to why all these obnoxious "b"s" had taken over my vocabulary but after a few weeks - I was done with anything "B".... And that is when we began to get every wedding present in the mail with a monogrammed "B" on it. We are grateful let's just say that. We will never have trouble teaching our children this 2nd letter of the alphabet for sure.

Last Friday I was home sick from work. Between laundry, Oprah, cleaning, and naps I was addicted to this website that tells you the popularity of a name in Georgia. Ashley amd Christopher were the top 2 names though in the last decade with everyone trying to give their child a headstart in the world - the top names had changed to names like "Madison" (a recent favorite of mine) and "William." Very eloquent, unique sounding names I would agree. But not much to your surprise, Betsy was one of only 98 other lucky ladies in the Peach State. And I must have married well because "Bradford" was 1 of 160. Conclusion: our parents our super educated, amazing people who deserve accolades for naming their children with names that would eventually sound great together and usually stand out in a crowd.

We have no excuses. As my highschool's slogan would say..."I'm going to "B" Somebody!"

Check out your name on the AJC's website:

Monday, January 28, 2008

Because I like to write and lunch with friends...

Both of which are not a part of my current job desciption. Hence the creation of this tool to do both. 2 for 1! Two birds and one stone! Buy one get one! I love bargains and I feel quite efficient! (despite googling every possible variation of a blog name for the last 3 working hours only to arrive at the most sensible for this new blog -"thebagwells!!!")

Nonetheless, yesterday was a refreshing Sunday for me. Throughout the day I was longing to grab some paper and start jotting down the beauty of the day. They were small glimpses of beauty but all equally refreshing. And in a world that is full of everything instant, super-sized, and, easy - refreshing is just what the doctor ordered. So I'll write about it. And I'll savor it all over again with each word.

Brad and I set our alarms earlier than we had in any of the Sunday's we've been married to make the 4 hour trek back to the city. We had travelled the day before to Valdosta for a cousins wedding. Typical of our weekends...the wedding was barracaded by activities and time commitments so the travel time seemed to be daunting on an already full weekend. Luckily, on the way down both Brad and I reminded ourselves that family is a top priority and we would enjoy even the minutes together in the car this weekend - and that we did. So we stumbled out of the hotel room already exhausted by the agenda for the day and ran into my sweet grandparents. Beautiful moment number one. Brad and I enjoyed the rarest of breakfasts' with Nana and grandad. Breakfast is truly my favorite meal of the day. More so, my Nana is truly the most lively-Nana you have never known. She is the sole care-giver for my grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease nearly 8 years ago. He is well into the sickness now but it seems the more unaquainted he becomes the more my Nana seems to grasp her role in this chapter of life. She probably wouldn't agree with me on that because her responsibilities have truly become unmanageable I think for one person but she always seems to have this particular light in her eye that affirms to the world that she is okay. I get this part of me from her. Nana is driven and she is tough I think for a woman but in a womanly type way. Elegantly tough I would say. And as "Jim Daddy" says - she is "sooo classy." (I wish, too, you could hear Jim Daddy when he says this because his voice, too, is refreshing simply refreshing.)
So we ate and we laughed and we smiled and we answered grandad's repetitive questions and listened to his stories of raising his kids. He is good at those stories and could probably even tell you the shirt he wore the day he took his kids to see the alligators in Valdosta back in the 60's. Unfortunately, he probably couldn't tell you that we were in Valdosta for that breakfast yesterday. But he loves Nana. And he tells her. And that, too, is beautiful. Even when you forget how to take care of yourself you can remember who it is that truly loves you and like my nana, who would be there for you, literally when you dont know if it is Sunday or Thursday.

Once our buckets were filled from the sweet time with our grandparent's we started the 3+-hour-long decent to Atlanta-the-fast-and-busied-city. Brad and I had a beautiful 3 hour ride. We sang to Billy Joel and the theme song from Dirty Dancing and we held hands and we laughed. It felt so good. It's crazy how you can live with someone that completely entertains you but among a hectic weekday schedule you forget that you even need entertained. Brad makes me laugh and as many older and wiser people have told me - that is one of the keys to a rich marriage. So even the car ride was perfectly-beautiful. I like to ask Brad questions about everything, too, because I believe any answer he tells me and he always seems to have an answer for everything. "Why is it 'Una-d-ill-a, Georgia, Brad? and not 'Una-diya?" Why?

I'll hurry this up a bit...once we made it home in exactly 3 hours and 4 minutes and felt like rockstars - I took that speed to the streets. I went out for one of my favorite Sunday runs down Peachtree. The wind whips between the buildings on this road but it reminds me that I am alive!.....And that I get cold easily. Therefore, I ran super fast. The sun was out so I got my daily Vitamin D and an extra dose of those endorphins that I am addicted to since I ran so stinkin fast. The beauty in this - my knees didnt hurt. Some days - they just dont hurt. At all. And when that is the case I praise GOd every step for the last step. Even when they do hurt I have learned to praise God that He made me either stupid enough to keep running or tough enough to fight it out.

After the invigorating Sunday run, two of my favorite people came to visit our new condo...and me of course. I love the Terrace girls and loved that sweet time of life before Brad swept me away to condo land. What a treat to sit and hear how wonderfully each of them are doing. It is neat to see that God sent each of us in a new and exciting direction when we finally split after nearly four years. It would have been terrible to watch the Terrace thrive while I was out being a wife (even though I love being a wife.) So, as you can see, this time, too, was so yummy. I walked out the door to church just beaming from all the joy from the day. And it was only 4pm!

Laslty, Brad and I ended our Sunday eating leftovers. We do this very well. I will say mainly because my cooking is pretty delish the first time around so the second time around is good just remembering how good it was the first time. Granted..... I know 3 recipes but I have certainly mastered those three. After dinner we watched our sole-favorite show on television, Friday Night Lights. We love Tivo because of this show. We love to watch it together, after the fact, and without commercials. Secretly, I think the show transports us both back to our glory days in highschool and whether you are a Plains, GA-truck-driving highschool boy or a cheerleader (in what I thought was a small town) - highschool football captures us all. The most beautiful part of this quiet nights was the bed time of 9:42pm. How's that for old and married? Rather, married and yet another slice of beauty on the most perfect of Sunday's.