Thursday, August 27, 2009

For you, Brad

These are for you daddy. While you have been away this week I have learned the Georgia fight song. I have lived in my UGA onsie that Nise bought for me on my first trip to Athens. I even learned to bark like a Bulldawg! Can you tell we are ready for football season around here? I smelled some freshly cut grass today and I was immediately relaxed and taken to Samford Stadium. I love that smell!
Oh, and I have also had lots of tummy time per your instruction. And I have eaten 6 times a day like normal...dirtied just as many diapers and yes, gained some more weight (healthy weight). We can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can't resist

This is for baby Ella, Caroline, Lily, Sunny, Harper and Lucy (I think those are our only girl readers). Isn't this little boy just handsome? I love his baby smile and he loves to flirt already...especially when naked! Uh oh.

Okay, I know that your baby does alot more exciting things than what you are about to witness but I know there is someone today that needs to see this to make their day a little better. How can you not feel a little lighter watching a 3 month old start to talk to you. This child is definitely my husband - laid back as they anything out of his mouth or any movement is a big deal! Everyone says I will love his pleasant, easy-going personality in a few months when his friends are crawling and moving everywhere! (The voice in the video is not mine. It is that of an actress that I hired.)

Lastly, here are my boys Saturday night on our date in the Highlands. This was Brooks first time seeing the world from this height. He is usually facing Brad's chest but we decided to graduate him to the real world of trees and crazy people in the Highlands.

Over the river and through the woods

to grandmothers house we went. And we never would have left had we not felt like we needed to wear our big girl and big boy pants and grow up! Brad left Sunday night for his first week of work in Savannah. I loved talking to him last night and asking him all of the important questions. What did you where? Who was your first friend? What's in the vending machine? Are the bathroom stalls big in your new office? I felt like I was sending someone to school for their first day. Brad didn't have too many answers for my questions but he does like his office and he enjoyed his first day. Boys are sooo different than girls! So while Brad was away the Spud and I went to Marietta for a staycation. We went partly because we were scared with out our big, scary Brad around the house. More so, we went because we wanted some attention and we got plenty! Brooks played games and sang songs and had constant interaction during his awake times and he took extra long naps because grandmothers never wake sleeping babies like young mama's on the go such as I do.
Here are a few pictures from our voyage. I am sure we will have many more pajama parties in the coming weeks as we wait to find the perfect house in Savannah to host visitors! Cross your fingers....this has been much harder than we thought!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh me, oh my

The picture doesn't do the experience any justice. Thursday night Brad and I went on a date (anything is considered a "date" when the baby is sleeping in his seat in between us) to Corner Bakery. It was certainly nothing too fancy but we did have the place to ourselves and the sweet little worker bees behind the counter waited on us like we were at a fine dining establishment. We sat outside and enjoyed the sound of the cars on Peachtree and we admired the tall buildings and the gussied up gentleman walking arm in arm with high-heeled women into the new and rather swanky, Whiskey Blue at the W hotel. We didn't have to say it but I know we were both thinking that that life seemed worlds away now with the little guy snoring just below us. I think before we leave our Buckhead abode we will go on a real date and have a cocktail at the St. Regis or maybe Whiskey Blue if we are feeling really crazy. I'd love to actually paint my toenails and feel flirty in a dress and heels in this city that I have loved as my home for 6 years now.
On this particular night our little attempt for a casual dinner turned extravagant all with a "business proposition" from the man behind the counter. Brad wanted a Monster cookie to end the night but unfortunately there were none of the over sized cookies with abundant mini M&M's to be found. There was a batch of chocolate chip cookies that had just been popped in the industrial oven. You could smell them the moment we walked in the door. When you have a Monster cookie like Corner Bakery's next to any chocolate chip cookie the Monster cookie always wins though. With a little but of a pout Brad walked back to our table and plopped in his seat looking terribly defeated. "They are out of monster cookies but we will get a fresh, hot chocolate chip cookie in 6 minutes." I thought this was a pretty good consolation but I could tell Brad was unusually bummed. A few minutes pass and the man behind the counter offers us a proposition. He asked if we could wait 10 minutes. I had no intentions for any cookie and I was happy watching the affairs on the street so I smiled and said sure. Brad was already crushed from the first blow so the man's question couldn't push him down any farther (we are serious about our cookies around here!). "In 10 minutes Ill have a fresh batch of monster cookies and Ill give you both one if you don't mind waiting." Sweet! Two for the price of one (even though I had no intention of eating one) and they would be just out of the oven. Let me tell you, those were the slowest 10 minutes of my marriage. Brad broke out into uncontrollable laughter about every 3 minute just at the thought of the treat to come. I can say I have never quite seen my husband so giddy nor have I enjoyed a cookie quite so much. Like I said.....intentions......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Find

I forgot to post this and the day it happened all I could think about (besides how lucky I was) was the phenomenal post that would come of my incredible find so here it goes....
Nordstrom, aka the one store I could live in and be truly entertained if ever I were to have to live in one store and one store only, aka the place where I want to host my next birthday party, aka the store that causes my husband to have to work extra hours to be able to afford me....well, they have an annual sale. I love their annual sale more than about anything I can think of at the moment (more than chocolate chip cookies at Zoes). Their annual sale discounts new items - not your typical end of season sales like at other not so fabulous stores. Aside from my obsession with Nordstrom, I am also obsessed with zapatos, shoes for you English speakers. Ever since my mama won $200 at Parisians' grand opening when I was in middle school and she let me borrow her Entienne Aigners I have had an unhealthy fixation on shoes. I like to bargain shop too so these two things make the Nordstrom annual sale a feeding ground for temptation.
A few weeks ago I stopped by the sale just to see if there was anything that needed to be consumed. I don't have an income right now nor do I have room for any more shoes in my closet but I just couldn't not check out this years sale. Supposedly there was a pair of Tory Burch flats. Color - gold; size - too big to post on the internet (I am also embarrassed of my disproportionate feet.) Supposedly these shoes were so fabulous that they sold out on the first day. I was asked by the thoughtful sales lady if I would like my name on the waiting list should anyone return these amazing shoes that I had never seen in my size.
Why, of course, thank you for thinking of me, I replied. I felt like a million dollars just because she asked me and I felt like 2 million dollars when she jotted my name and number in her personal book of her favorite shoppers.
A week goes by and by this time I really want these shoes that I had never seen. I'll admit, I don't own any other TB shoes. Brad tried to buy me a pair recently but I just couldn't justify the $200+ price tag for a pair of shoes that sort of remind me of Sam and Libby's (do you remember all of the colors you owned?) And, I like to think that I am not a brand snob. Plus, I do love finding a "find" that no one else can "find" so to pay full price for a shoe just doesn't work. But all I could find myself thinking about were the gold shoes that I had still never seen but had dreamt of for nearly a week now. Well, another week goes by and one quiet morning my phone is jingled by an unfamiliar number. I allow the caller to leave a message and immediately check it only to hear that I have won. My number was called. My ship came in. I can have the cake and I can eat it too! I was the one with the golden ticket....a lady had returned a pair of gold, Tory Burch flats in size LARGE (remember - I'm not telling). I was to call back immediately if I were interested. Sadly, I have the Nordstrom number on speed dial so I hit 4 and asked to be connected to my fairy godmother in the shoe department. The whole while my heart is racing and my stomach is turning. I have never won anything - well, I won the cake walk in kindergarten and picked out a circular cake with the "Dont worry be Happy" face on it but that is the last that I remember. I've never even gotten through on the request line on the radio to have my favorite song played. I was giddy like never before. The lady answered and said she was so glad I called back because there were 31 people on her list for this pair of shoes. I asked if she could hold them until I could get there to try them on (since I still have yet to actually see them) and she said NO. Unfortunately, because of their demand she would have to call the next person on the list.

My credit card number is XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX I said, Ill take them! I wasn't about to let my moment of glory pass my by nor was I about to let some Buckhead Betty get my shoes! I'm not even sure what I won but I had won.....I won I won I won. My name was called and I won!

The rest of the story is par for the course. I go to pick up my shoes and I do in fact love them like no other pair I've owned.....this year.
The funny thing is that my sweet husband and financial support system inquired that day what the charge was to Nordstrom on the Amex.
Funny you should ask, oh husband, I'm not really sure, I said, all I know is my name was called and I am the winner and I couldn't possibly pass up my winnings so I bought a pair of shoes today.

Which pair? I just bought you a pair, he says politely. And is it considered winning if you had to pay for them?

I gulp and reply, I bought a better pair. I gold pair that I can wear year round. And don't ask me anymore questions cause I don't know what they look like. All I know is that I won and I want to enjoy my winning whether or not I know the actual prize, mister.

*Sidenote: Luckily, both the husband and I love the shoes so we all win in this story.

Maybe I should get into this ebay thing if I got such a rush over "winning" a pair of shoes???

The rest of the story

Thursday, July 2nd, my husband of a year and a half texted me to ask me what I thought about moving to Savannah, Georgia. I texted him back "sure" and went on my merry way handling the affairs of the day with one exception. I must have known there was a touch of truth to this text because I had a quick burst of tears and then went on my merry way.
You see, in the last 4 months we have constantly been brain storming over Brad's next move in his career. He currently works for a bank that failed 3 weeks before Brooks' birthday and from what I understand he would rather work for a mortuary for dogs. I can imagine that working for a company that is "working" to be shut down for good by the end of the year isn't exactly intriguing. In these months he has mentioned opportunities in Athens, Jacksonville, Nashville, Greensboro, GA (all I know is I like the lake in that town) and other various places as well as an idea of opening his own clothing line in Buckhead (this was the most random idea....but as every good wife - I was supportive.) When Savannah was mentioned ever so lightly I had this instant twist in my stomach. That knot hasn't left since and to be honest probably won't begin to untangle until my bare feet stroll through our new yard in Chatham County sometime in the next month.
I'll spare you too many of the details in between because they are fairly gory - involving a horrendous trip to our new town involving a 6 hour road trip (usually 3.5), lots of marriage conversation that only happens every so often (and is oh-so-painful but oh-so-good), and lots of tears. Truly after much prayer, wrestling with God, and some much needed jolting conversations by some dear friends I found my heart opening to this idea though I knew it would be the biggest stretch I could imagine. Personally, I thought having a baby was a stretch enough but obviously whoever is writing my story didn't. Ironically, the Monday that my heart began to painfully and slowly open to this voyage I found myself driving to Alpharetta for an errand. As I drove up 400 I had this glimpse of our life to come in Atlanta if we were to stay - full of 3.5 kids, summer camp, and a minivan. This is what really pushed me to my decision. As much as I want that and as much as our lives look to mimic that now with a baby and a cute dog - I am not ready to be that settled. Not yet. So, we will be moving in the next 6 weeks. I know there are big things in store for our marriage and our family in this new, lonely - and lovely town and as scared as I am to leave I know in my gut that this will be a good thing. Brad is confident in this path for our family and therefore, so am I. It sure feels good to be able to trust his guidance especially when I have been in "new-baby-fog" for the last year. And it may only be short term- we'll see! So, in the mean time, I am lunching everyday with every friend I know. I am working out at my gym (because I am slightly addicted) as often and as much as my heart desires. I am eating at all of my favorite Atlanta-eatery's (and ordering dessert) and I am truly soaking up even the little things that I love about the big city. As soon as we secure a house in Savannah we will be on our way. Oh, and after we throw ourselves a sweet farewell party! You know I love a reason to throw a party so I can say the move makes me happy for this reason. We expect anyone traveling to St.Simons or Jacksonville for any reason in the next year to stop in for a cocktail - Savannah style. We are hoping to live near the water (or marsh) just to get a feel of some good ole island living - we certainly will never have that in Atlanta! So stay tuned...the blog may go through a coastal transformation soon. I can't wait to post about our new favorite Savannah spots and happenings. I can imagine we will have much more time for writing when I am home with the baby in a new city.

Let the adventure begin!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our vacation in pictures

Brooks first trip to the "beach"

He was all smiles even after the 5 hour car ride
Little smiles

He loved play time with daddy on the "beach"

Amos was in heaven too at the dog park!


Brooks loves breakfast in the mountains on the porch (and loves wearing it on his face)

Tuesday we hired our first babysitter and went for a hike. This was not your average hike....full of ladders and cables to climb. I admit, I made it about 98% to the top and then stopped...right here...on my rock.

Brad on the other hand was truly in his element. Don't you love seeing your husband come to life at the top of a mountain!He's alive!

We were much more exhausted than we looked but we needed atleast one picture together....
Strenuous, I tell ya...

Thank you, Grandfather, we will tell our friends!
Tell our friends

Monday, August 10, 2009

Note to self

I am out of commission right now but not wanting to forget some not-to-miss blog topics so hold me to this:
-Grandfather mountain
-much needed vacation
-70 degree weather
-Amos in heaven
-Brad in heaven
-Brooks happy in the mountains
-So mommy is happy
-Moving to Savannah!

That's the latest. I promise, more to come.
Pictures too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The "Tank"

This week I like to:
(1)Bring my hands to my mouth (uh-oh!)
(2)Pull my legs up to my chest (that is if they can get over my big belly)
(3)Make loud shrieking attempts to speak. It sounds something like this and for this long: Uuuuhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(4)And I like to excite my parents and Amos with an occassional giggle. I only do this for very special people and for very special reasons but I am sure I will be tickled more easily with the weeks to come.
(5)Oh, and of course, I now think it is so cool to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! Even though I started this around 8 weeks old I now like to sleep as long as my daddy does until 7 or so. Mama says, "Hallelujah!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You must sing this....Haaa-le-lu-ya...

My eyes shut minutes past 11 last night and did not reopen until 7:24 this morning! Strike the chorus again....
I never knew sleep could be so good, so refreshing and so invigorating. I woke up today feeling like a 10 year old on a Saturday morning ready for a bowl of sugary cereal and some Saturday morning cartoons. Woooooohoooooooo! You know it feels good to holler outloud so go ahead and do it for me. HA-LE-LU-YA!
WIth all of my new found energy the baby and I took an early a.m. stroll around the hood with the Amos dog. Brooks bounced up and down on my belly in the baby bjourn which is basically a baby backpack but on the front for those of you not up to date on baby lingo. I first heard of the baby bjourn when I was barely pregnant and I thought it was a kind of cheese.
Anyway, I like to sing to Brooks when we are walking alone. Without fail I forget songs that I know after about 7 minutes of singing. This is crazy to me because I can usually sing every word to any song since 1991. The Bangles, Michael Jackson, Men Down name it and I can sing it to you even if it has been a decade since I last heard the song and I promise I won't miss a word. But not when I walk with the babe - my brain goes to mush and the best I could come up with today was "Let it snow." Yes, the Christmas song. Nonetheless, he seemed to like it so I sang it over and over. There was a lady walking her labrador about 200 feet in front of us...surely far enough ahead to not hear my attempts to mimic Bing Crosby. She stopped to let her dog do his thing in another neighbors yard (so sweet) and as I passed her by she said "how lucky your baby is to have you sing to him." Me: "Oh, I am sorry. Have I been ruining your walk by my hideous singing?" Sweet lady: No, though I don't think it is going to snow today. But, really, how great that you actually talk to your baby. Most moms these days are glued to their phones when they are on their walks." Interesting.
Which brings me to my food for thought today. I was surprised that the sweet lady noticed my singing and that she chose to comment. I am tired of cell phones. Tired of texing. Tired tired tired. So if I don't answer or call you back this is why. I know it isn't very professional or courteous but I am just tired of the rings and the blinks and the buzzing and the constant need for connection that we all seem to crave. My short interaction with the sweet lady today only affirmed my desire to keep my time with Brooks "phone free." I know you will need to help me with this so please feel free to remind me of my plea when I pick up the phone next time you call.

Hello, I am a new mother and I hereby declare that my time with the baby (when he is awake)will be phone-free. Wow, that feels so good!

And my last thought for the day comes in the form of a challenge. Today I met a sweet lady to exchange a baby item I listed on craigslist. I feel a little funny whenever I partake in such types of commerce and usually whenever I see my "customers" I have this knot in my stomach that just wants me to give my items away. Well today I did. There was nothing about this meeting that made me think that the lady needed my charity but it sure did feel good to offer it and not only did I offer my item but I offered the whole bag of new baby boy clothes in the back of my car. She was very grateful but whether of not she uses the items or throws them all the way around 285 on her way home - I was reminded of the generous heart that God gave me. I am so glad He made me that way and I am so glad to be reminded today that a little small small thing for another person can do alot of good for your own heart. I danced the whole way home and vowed to do a little more nice things tomorrow. So, bring brownies to your neighbor or listen the person at Starbucks who seems to want to tell you about their entire morning or give something away today! You'll thank me because it sure does feel good. One of my bestest, Charlsie, gave me a $2 bill on her birthday a few years ago. I smile every time I open my wallet and see my little gift. It was her birthday and she gave away two dollar bills. What a splendid way to make the most of your own birthday! Trust me, I don't think that my insignificant, small bit of charity deserves any accolades or kudos - as I know there are so many things I can be doing everyday for other people that are alot more courageous but I sure did need to be jolted out of my little bubble...... and today was just the day for that little jolt.

That's all for now. Stay tuned. Big news to come soon.......(and of course some new pictures of the tank...aka - the baby.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekends as a family

Weekends look much different these days as do many things. Friday night we thought it would be fun to go to a local eatery with lots of kids and parents partaking in spiked drinks and cheese dip. It's funny....I grew up at these types of places on a Friday night but I never knew that while we were coloring on the tables and playing games with our utensils that the adults were having their own fun. So now I know. Brad and I look forward to the day when the little guy gets to order chicken fingers off of the kids menu. Secretly, we just want to be able to enjoy a chicken finger and a tater tot or two even at the fanciest of places. But for now Brooks dreams of sugar plums dancing in his head while the dad and I enjoy a "date."
We realized this night that alot of people actually have kids. This sounds like a dumb realization but when your favorite dining spots lie within the 30326 zip code there are rarely children to be found. But alas, travel a few miles north and you find a whole range of kiddos - anywhere from sleeping infants to popsicle-mustached 5 year olds to 4-eyed ten year old know it alls and usually there are all three types in these Friday-dinner-night-out families. Therefore, our ONE snoozing babe seemed to be the envy of the other diners. After dinner on this night we sat at Starbucks and watched the dads attempt to keep the just-walking little boys out of traffic while the women finished their conversations from dinner. We even got to see a ferocious thunderstorm without being touched by a drop of rain. It was a splendid Friday night as a family. Friday nights sure are easier as a family. When it was just me and Brad we felt unnecessary pressure to try the latest Atlanta hotspot for dinner and we rarely did that alone. And though I love those nights too - it sure is relaxing to just go around the corner with the other folks trying out this "family" thing.
Yesterday we cleaned and organized and exercised and visited grandparents and we were quite content. And today we churched and napped and visited with family passing through and now are enjoying some Sunday golf while the baby yet again sleeps. The weekends truly have become a breath of fresh air....a very welcomed breath of fresh air.
Though you wouldn't know it by the seemingly hap-hap-happy photos and entries on this blog - things have been quite hectic lately so a weekend like this is just what we needed. Happy Sunday to you....I hope you, too, are about to take a nap as you "watch" the Buic Open. Perfect ending to a pretty perfect weekend I'd say....