Friday, August 29, 2008

The advantages of marrying a Brad

I remember the last two presidential elections for things that probably shouldn't have mattered much. In 2004 I lived right around the corner from my assigned polling place. I was a year out of college and enjoying a house with 3 other girls in the social mecca of Atlanta. I did as every young voter did that morning and treated myself to a grande latte and then went proudly to stand in line. It rained but I had a cute umbrella. Laura Bush was a Theta at Texas and though I would never claim to be the Theta Lady that the sisterhood might have hoped I would be - I would certainly vote for the next president because of his wife's Greek affiliation among other things. I like Texans, too. Any of my friends from Texas happen to be my favorite so it seemed fitting. And, his daughters were my age. They were down to earth and cute and I could see myself being in their shoes as they were now truly old enough to play a real part in the race for the presidency. Jenna B was on the Ellen show sometime this year I think it was. I tivo'd the episode and rewatched it numerous times. I like her alot and I think her wedding was a larger replica of mine (hehe). I know we would be friends. But what I liked most about the interview was her sweet daddy. She called him on the phone and he reminded her that he loved her and made some funny jokes with Ellen. Fortunately, that episode formed my opinion about Mr. B. I liked him. I'd take him as a dad and as a president. Though I don't know all the political reasons why I shouldn't like him - I like that he is a man of faith and ultimately he reports to God. That is what matters. I hate hearing people so publicly blast him. I know he has made mistakes but he is the President and it just makes me so uncomfortable with my own generation that we are so quick to criticize and whine. Anyway, I remember standing in line, in the rain, alone but feeling so empowered by my own vote.

Now the 2000 elections is a completely opposite memory. I remember one girl. I was living in the sorority house. I can truly recall the election season that fall as one of the most memorable times in the house. Yes, that should verify that I was/am a dork. Happily a dork. It was just funny. For the most part the house was unanimous in pledged support for what would be GW's first term. With one exception. There was one outspoken Democrat. Just one. Poor lonely one democrat. I applaud her for having such a strong opinion in the middle of a bunch of Bush lovers. We would sit in the chapter room, snacks and magazines by our side for the nights of counting and recounting votes and just allow the one lonely outspoken girl chat her way through the election. I don't want to say anything more but just a little recall makes me giggle. She is probably on the way home from Denver now.

Well, this election season has brought about a whole new perspective. The boy that lives with me called my husband is super savvy on anything political and even if he really isn't - I believe he is and that is all that matters. He tells me facts about people and politicians that I never knew. Why, Mr. Brad is there a convention? What is a delegate? He can even tell me about senators he likes and doesn't like. I know I sound pretty dense admitting that I don't know alot of this political mumbo-jumbo but I guess I just don't pay attention. I read Fox news daily and I know about Darfur and the conflict in Georgia and everything about the city of Atlanta's downtown repaving project but for some reason the political scene has escaped me....until marriage.
In November I will get to literally walk across the street to vote. Who else can say that? That is what I am most excited about. In the midst of one of the biggest cities in the country I get to walk out my front condo door and across the street to strike my ballot. How American is that? If only the mail man still hand delivered my mail that might be the one thing more American. Anyway, I am excited. I am actually really intrigued too to stay tuned for my text message about McCain's running mate. Next week will conclude four straight weeks of no sleep for Brad and I. Good thing the olympics and the elections are only every four years.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things to look forward to

Monday I was home for the day and I wore jeans and a long sleeved red shirt and flip flops. It wasn't necessarily cool but it wasn't 96 degrees either and it was raining. I felt like feeling "fall-ish." Brad and I love to walk at night and recently the temperatures at night have remained pretty intense. I remember every season that we have known another saying " Gosh, does it ever get hot (or cold) in Atlanta?" When you are deep into a a season it seems like the most insane thing that the next month might bring about drastic differences in the climate. Anyway, I loved Monday. I loved hearing the rain all day long from sweet Fay. It is the kind of rains that never ever end and the intensity is constant the whole time. Amos doesn't like Fay one bit. He is going crazy inside. Anyway, wearing my jeans and long sleeves really started to get me excited for things to come......

I LOVE THE FALL. I think I write this every year so you should know this but I LOVE THE FALL. So does Brad. That is why I married him. I love the smells and the colors and the feelings and the memories and the nights and the mornings and the weekends in Athens and the doors open while I am cleaning and the foods....I love it all. And what a better treat that now and forever that Brad and I get to celebrate our anniversary during our favorite time of year. I'd like to say that it was purposeful and yes, partly, it was...we love the fall. But we also couldn't wait until winter or spring. We aren't too keen on delayed gratification as you can tell. So, yes, now every October we get to relive that sweet time last year. I honestly can't believe it has been a year. This is the next thing that has me all antsy these days...OUR ANNIVERSARY! Yes, I am excited to enjoy a year of marriage with B-rad. I am also soooooo excited that we are going to Seaside for the whole week to celebrate. Seaside for me is tranquil, quiet, two steps slower, yummy and rejuvenating. The first trip to Seaside was really the place where I knew there was something different about this Brad boy. We rode bikes, ran, sat, hiked, and ate some of my favorite food. I guess because we always seem to go in the off-season Seaside has come to be a "quiet"place for us and I think there is nothing more that Brad and I are wanting right now than some quiet from our own heads constantly spinning and striving and from the sounds of Peachtree road.

But before that we have UGA football in Athens and a trip to Lake Rabun with some friends. We love weekends away with friends. We love sharing meals to cook and playing games and having no time constraints. Amos gets to go to the lake too and play with his best friend, Taylor.

I am not really sure what we did this seemed to soar right past us but we are looking forward to slowing down this fall and smelling the smells and tasting the tastes and cheering on the Bulldawgs! I'm so anxious!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poor Amos

I know he is only a canine, not even human....he has four feet, not two, and eats what they call "food" but smells like old, salty meat but I pity him. I do. The last few weeks I have engaged in some part time work activity that has called for me to actually be in an office like most working citizens. I like the little "community" here at the office as I was surely starting to get a little lonely in the confines of the condo/office but I just hate hate hate to leave little Amos at home with nothing but an antler to chew and a ragged frisbee. He follows me to the door when I leave and looks at me with the longest, saddest eyes that just seem to plead with me as I slowly leave. I don't think I can do this too much longer. I know he is but a dog but he has truly been my one friend during my quiet work days at home for the last several months. He even watches Rachel Ray as I type away on my laptop. "They" say dogs don't have a reference for time. For instance, if he is in the house alone for 5 minutes or 5 hours he doesn't know the difference and he get's excited to see me either way when I come home. This doesn't comfort me though. I sense that he is slowly growing apart from me to where soon he won't even need my high pitched greetings and belly rubs to make his tail wag. He is about done with me...I can tell. So, should you be on Peachtree today stop in and give Dr. Amos - The Famous dog - some lovin. I know I can't choose a career based off of my ability to see Amos but I won't lie to's a grave factor in my decisions.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sinking but I love it!

Ever since I heard this song a few months ago the words will not leave my head. They are good words to have my head stuck on so I am not complaining. Certainly better than the recent pop hit stuff that gets caught in my head. Then yesterday someone sent me something that had a clip of every one's idol, Oprah, in which she said in some kind of words that she couldn't be a Christian or something because God says he is a jealous God. He does. There is a lot more context that I couldn't even give you but it is in Exodus, Chapter 20. Hopefully, the 4pm daytime diva did a little more investigating after her statement. I, on the other hand an so thankful for His jealousy.

The words of the catchy song say this:

Written by John Mark McMillan/ASCAP/CCLI/©2005 John Mark McMillan

He is jealous for me
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight
Of His wind and mercy
All of a sudden I am unaware of
These afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize just how beautiful You are
And how great Your affections are for me


We are His portion and He is our prize
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes
If His grace is an ocean we’re all sinking
And heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest
I don’t have time to maintain these regrets
When I think about the way
That He loves us

What neat words to have stuck in my head, right? Well, I only relay these words because recently I have found a gratitude for His jealousy. Everything in this world and specifically, our affluent society, seems to reach for a piece of my heart everyday. This isn't exclusive to just your typical modern day stimuli like a stone house with a big yard, with a white picket fence, and a fast-flashy car and latest biggest designer sunglasses. Those things are obviously fine and all and they can grab anyone but I am speaking more specifically to even the little things and even the good things. Whether it is time spent volunteering or exercise or success or Starbucks - they can each have their way of becoming our own little, tiny, sneaky idols. So in a world with so much to offer I am so thankful that God's love is a jealous kind. I am grateful that He wants me to be satisfied in Him alone without the help of anything else. I like that He wants all of me. I am comforted that He is not okay sharing my adoration.

The few words that really seem to stick are these: If His grace is an ocean we're all sinking. I am happily sinking in this case and so thankful that I could just drown in grace and be better for it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

As American as Cracker Jacks

We are the epitome of your typical American tourist with a fanny pack and white socks this week. It has only been 7 days and Brad and I are so deep into Olympic hooplah that we have abandoned all house chores and anything normal like teeth brushing (kidding). There are piles of clothes in my room that are starting to stink and I haven't seem my sink since this weekends cookies I made. It's bad. It's even affected Dr. Amos. Today I changed his camo collar to his bright RED American collar. Patriotic is his second middle name. The worst effect of our seeming obsession is the lack of sleep. I mean, come on......couldn't they plan these things at a more "American" time like 8pm? When we were eating tacos and watching the display of lights and matching people last Friday for the opening ceremonies we were first mistaken and we thought they were live. The husband says to me "Gosh, we are so egocentric. Of course, we would get the Opening Ceremonies live when it is 7:30 am in China." Well, we were wrong but I sure wish we were right because these 2.5 weeks O'Fun are wearing us out. Tuesday night we waited to watch the American lady gymnasts unhappily accept the silver medal until wee in the morning hours. Lastnight we thought we might be events of interest but as soon as we start hearing Bob Costas talk we are glued. Saturday we even watched ladies handball. LA-DIES-HA-NDB-ALL. Yes, that's what I said. And then water polo.

Anyway, it's only every four years that we can deprive ourselves from sleep for an entire month so we're okay with it. We're eatin applie pie, drinkin beers and loving being American! And P.S. . . we are going to attempt to set my little sister up with Fishy-Phelps. Oooh la la!

So, in case you wonder....why do those girls immediatly shower right after their synchonized dive? Here is your answer.
And did you hear how many stinkin calories Mr. Phelps has to eat a day to turn on the heat in the pool? 12 THOUSAND!!!! Off to watch gymnastics.

A little trivia for you...Which ambitious young Atlantan tried out for the Opening Ceremonies in the 1996 games? Which same little girl didn't make it?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Perfect evening

Brad and I just had church on the couch on a Monday. I don't have adequate words to express what this message does to me but I know it moves me and comforts Brad and I today in so many ways. Find an hour and listen but you have to finish the whole message.

Go to the second cd cover titles "Home Free - Even me". Go to the second message titled "Fruitcake and icecream."

Grab a tissue and let grace get you too.