Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reunion this weekend!

Brad, Amos, and I are headed to the 'Boro this weekend. Waynesboro that is! I am so thrilled. I just can't tell you.....
This trip was an annual trip with my old roommates at the Terrace and a few other selected few. Brad and I went in March when we first started dating and I think this trip may have sealed the deal. Something about seeing a boy with a gun, out in nature...just doing his thing. Brad tried to teach me how to shoot his turkey gun which I learned was a big mistake but I don't think I cared....I just liked that he was holding my arms and my hips steady so I could pull the trigger. Needless to say, there is much anticipation about going back this weekend. Not only can Brad and I flirt and act like school kids - many of my favorite people will be there! Catie, the coolest friend I know, is hosting and she is flying in from Dallas. Kat, the funniest person I know (and pretty cool too), will be coming from B'ham. Charlsie, the honorary roommate and her dog, Briscoe, Amos' girlfriend is also bringing her fun and games....It's a mini-Terrace reunion! (without our most adventurous friend, Katie.) Katie, as you may have read previously, and her husband, Ryan, have taken the move of a life time to literally live on an island. They are living on Nantucket...even writing that feels CRAZY! Katie is one of my longest friends and truly one of my most genuine Georgia peaches! So I just love that God has them in the farthest place from home. Their stories are quite entertaining. Anyway, of course they can't make the trip.

So, what will 10+ people do out in the woods for a weekend in a really old house with 2 twin beds??? Eat and laugh. That is what I am most looking forward to. Catie's family is cooking up a big dinner on Saturday. The boys are bringing their guns and fishing poles and the girls will bring all the munchies! I am just so happy to spend time with my old roommates. You know this about me....I live in the past season of life. Katie used to say in college that I spent the whole time taking about the glory days of high school. Yes, I am that girl and I loved high school. Then once college had come and gone and I lived with my favorite people in my favorite house in Atlanta I couldn't help but talk about the carefree days of Athens. And now in this first season of marriage I am sure Brad tires of hearing of the trouble we got into living in the Terrace...the four single girls for nearly 3 years in Atlanta. Ahhh......good times for sure....maybe the best times. Anyway, per my husband's request I am doing a better job seizing the day. You know, trying not to live for the past to come again and trying not to dream away the present. This mindset surely helps me enjoy the cold air in the room in the mornings when I get up and the brilliant sunshine throughout the day as I roam about Atlanta. More so, it helps me enjoy each conversation throughout the day without thinking in my head about my next thing to do or the next place to be. God is good. Marriage is good and has surely helped slow me down a little.

Cheers to a relaxing weekend in the woods with my puppy dog and my cute husband and his gun and favorite friends and yummy food (and probably little sleep! :)

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