Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thankyou CKP1010

I set a reminder in my phone last night as I couldn't sleep. It says "thank you to Charlsie about Amos - 11:45am" I write about any thought that comes to my head in my phone as a reminder if it is a thought that I don't want to forget and yesterday I didn't want to forget this. You see, I am obsessed with my dog. Amos the Famous dog makes me so happy. I have never been a huge dog person and honestly when we started looking at baby soft coated wheaten terriers this time last year I didn't really think we'd follow through with our initial plans for a puppy. We are a little too practical and at the time a little too on the go to have anything tying us down. Then Brad drove up in his truck with the pup in his lap. He sat in Brad's lap the whole hour drive to meet me and I immediately melted. And, yes, in the last year I have had moments where I wonder why we ever took the plunge to get a dog - which is really just like a child... at true extension of our family! So, anyway...Charlsie, my dearest of friends and possibly longest of friends found Briscoe, her Wheaten a long while before Amos was even a thought. Briscoe was the only puppy I ever really saw grow up. She was first a black little fur ball and then a brown and tan fluffy mess and then she grew into her perfect ivory, playful stature. When the "dog" thought even crossed our minds last year we looked at nothing but Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. We loved their puppy=playfulness that follows them for years - not just as a puppy. We loved their medium size - not too yappy and mini and not too big for a 1300 square foot condo. We were infatuated with their adorable bear paws and most of all, we loved their somewhat stubborn but mostly confident demeanor. The character description all over the Internet was quite pleasing.....and reminded us of our humble selves....

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an alert and happy animal - graceful, strong and well-coordinated. A playful and friendly terrier. They make great watch dogs and bark at the arrival of guests. They are usually very loving with children and get along reasonably well with other dogs. They have a puppy attitude that remains with it throughout its life. Sweet-tempered, easy-going and self-confident. Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers bond closely with their family. They seldom bark unnecessarily.

(Okay, it is snowing as I type. This is the first real snow in Atlanta since we got little Amos. They supposedly love the snow! I can't wait to take him out to explore!)

But back to my overcoming gratitude. I LOVE MY DOG. I know you probably love your dog and think they are the coolest and I'll give you that. But I LOVE my Dog!!! Amos snuggles with me when I am just not wanting to get out in the world. He licks my hands in the morning when they fall off the bed just to let me know he is there. "Wag" doesn't even describe what his tail does when he sees me or Brad. I am surprised it hasn't fallen off from all the action! He barks only when scary people look at us. He never acts a fool when we are walking him like most other dogs in our neighborhood do...he is just too sophisticated for that nonsense. But then if you want nonsense - he can go nuts over a chewing antler or a tennis ball or a piece of bacon. Yes, he gets to eat from the table at times. I LOVE AMOS! Last night we came home to our sweet pup just waiting to wrestle and snuggle and cuddle. I had this troubling thought that one day hopefully many many years away, after our first little boy has fallen head over heels for Amos, too, and after he has been through all the ups and downs with our family, Amos will be old and one day he may not want to be here anymore. Oh my goodness, I have this terrible thought as we are in the elevator waiting to come home to him and I just start crying. I couldn't imagine Amos not being a part of our lives. Sorry for the sad moment but I guess this what brought on the cheesy-thankful feelings. Thank you, Charlsie, for turning us on to SCWT. I love Dr. Amos. He is my favorite purchase I have ever made. I can't wait for the little baby to meet my favorite thing!

And while we are thanking Charlsie, I must tell you that I have many things to thank her for. Most things that are remotely cool about me or my tastes came from her. I think she might say the same about me too but luckily for her - she wears off on me more than I do on her. Here are some tastes that Charlsie has passed to me over the years:
-Mini milk chocolate Cadbury eggs in the spring time
-Bruce Hornsby
-Trish McEvoy make-up
-Palm pilot's (well, not anymore but several years ago)
-Bojangles biscuits
-Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing
-Michael Franti
-Ultra mini skirts
-the perfect chocolate chip cookie
-the smell of old books
-Rainy days with a movie or a good book. I was never good at enjoying these unless Charlise was around.
-Vertical Horizon
-Cheesy songs sung by cheesy artists like Miley Cirus, NSYNC or Kelly Clarkston turned up too loud in the car with the windows down
-Cheap sandwiches at the Masters
-Running hills
-Anything from Fresh Market

Ciao, Bella!

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