Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almonds, almonds, oh my

You know I am not one to spend my precious "nap" time during the day writing about things that are just that....things. Of course, like many I have alot of things I love and you could probably name those as they end up weaving their way into posts about children, pregnancy, and even the deeper subjects. Trust me, I could talk deeply about my obsession with animal crackers and McDonald's sweet tea any day but I like to think there's a little more substance offered here on this blog of many colors.

But I have a new love and this little addiction consumes my thoughts! Yesterday I was driving home from a mom's bible study that I attend across town. I had 11 minutes until carpool for the oldest one and I was still about 9 minutes away. All I had thought about while listening to one of my favorite women speak on parenting and the gospel - was my 2nd jar of almond butter waiting for me at home. My workout buddy turned favorite friend (and now entrepreneur) dropped off two jars of their company's latest endeavor last week and short of bathing in the smooth-yet-nutty-jar-of-perfection I did everything possible to get it in my mouth. I won't lie - when I didn't have a vehicle to get it in my mouth I used a finger. And I didn't tell Brad. And I didn't feel guilty at all. Rather, I felt quite green and earthy - eating something straight from the jar that is pretty much straight from the almond tree plus a tad of salt. That's right...two ingredients, a whole bunch of love, and I have a new favorite "thing" and a healthy, protein snack (for this growing baby in my belly!)

So yesterday I had remembered a thin, multi-grain cracker that Costco was sampling last weekend when I went to eat lunch off of samples run an errand. It must have been my day because there was a parking spot right up front, I ran right to aisle 16, grabbed my overly priced box of crackers that will take me 6 months to get through and I was checking out within 90 seconds. That's what I call a little miracle when it comes to Costco. Of course I got "that" look from the cashier...the one that says "you are in Costco and you only have ONE item?" I shrugged it off and sprinted to the car to make it to carpool only 2 minutes late. My mission was complete - now I could practically finish the 2nd jar of naturalmond butter if I chose to because the almond butter vehicle (aka the cracker) essentially has zero calories and is not very filling (as planned). So now for two lunches and a snack in between I have indulged in my favorite little gourmet spread on the market! Not only do I love the flavor and the slight crunch but I love knowing that I am doing my body good! Almonds alone have always been one of my favorite ways to get those good fats and sneak in some protein during the day so when my friend told me her crazy plans of turning her grandfather's recipe into a live product I was giddy (and glad to be her friend)!

Some local restaurants have already began using the butter in a few dishes on their menu and another local favorite restaurant has been selling the jars off the shelf. Of course it's a treat to find a new product to add to your regular snack routine (as I am a regular snacker) but it's even more fun to watch a dear friends dream come to life. Our family has officially said goodbye to the Jiffy. My kids love the naturalmond and it's so much better for us....even if I do eat a half a jar a day, right? If you're hungry and a I've tempted you - check out their site here. {And if you are local you can arrange to pick up or have the jars delivered rather than paying to ship.) And, no, I haven't been payed or prompted one bit to write this but I wouldn't mind an invite to the next sampling! (is that a subtle enough hint?)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this info! After I read this I contacted the company to find out if the spread was possibly peanut free and IT IS! It is hard to find a good tasting, healthy, and peanut free spread for our little guy and this fits the bill. Thanks again!