Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just for the record

Brooks is scooting. I am not sure if this is normal in baby world or not but over the last week at Nise and Big's house (finally they have official "grandparent" names) Brooks has started to turn and scoot towards the object of his desire - that usually being my cellphone. He looks like a paralyzed gorilla if you ask me but it sure is quiet entertaining. I am just blown away by the little guy. It truly is an indescribable thing as a mother or father to witness a child learning right before your eyes. This little gorilla made Christmas this year such a joy and comedy all at once! Thank you, God, truly, for somehow thinking I could raise this boy. I am so honored and more so, I am recognizing everyday how this is truly a task that I couldn't do without Your guidance. Thank you. I am grateful for this gift and for your constant presence as we watch and guide his growth.

And I hope to have a video of this craziness soon and some Christmas pictures of the little Spud. We are still meandering around the city before we head back to the low country sometime tomorrow or Tuesday and then I am sure we will need some recuperating days but I expect to be up and operational before the new year! Enjoy the last few days of this decade....that's crazy too!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home for the Holidays

The little man and I are in Marietta for the duration of the Holidays. About 75% of me feels fully Christmasy. The lights on the tree are always on, there are presents pouring out from under, there are home made goodies in every corner of the house, my siblings are home (though constantly on the go), and we've watched a different Christmas movie every night. BUT. And this is a huuuuuuge "but"....Mr. Brad is back in Savannah working for the man. Boo! I don't like that someone in our house actually has to work at a paying job. I'm so grateful that he does but over the holidays I just think corporate America should shut down for 2 whole weeks. So, a big chunk of my heart is just waiting for Brad to get here for it to fully, 100% feel like Christmas!

When he does get here we have a fun few days planned. We are taking Brooks to the aquarium with my brother and his new cute wife. We are going to actually start our Christmas shopping and come up with a fun first gift for Brooks. We are going to make oodles and oodles of pinwheel cookies that mama and I make every year. We are going to drink my dad's wassail and eat mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. We are going to read the Christmas story to Brooks everyday until Christmas. And....we are going to do a whole lot of nothing in between. Brad needs a restful vacation and I just hope I can give that to him.

We are so happy to be home for the Holidays! But "baby, all I want for Christmas is you!" Hurry to come see us!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The "White Chocolate Oreo Truffles {thank you, Sara, for the rename}" (aka" Reindeer Balls) took home the prize tonight....Literally, they won best tasting among a wonderful sampling of cookies made by my new Savannah friends. As I said, you should steal this recipe and take it to your cookie swap. I admit, it did get a little more difficult when the chocolate dipping part came around. Maybe not difficult but tedious but oh so worth the sweat and tears.

Week in pictures

I am wanting to sit and chat for hours on end and tell you about our crazy luncheon at my house yesterday, the beautiful weather here, Brooks' amazingness, my anticipation for the Christmas break (even though my last semester was 6 years ago I still expect everyone to have 3 weeks off at Christmas), the shopping I have left to do, the complete exhaustion that my body is feeling these days, my no-longer-sick baby, lessons I've learned lately, the amount of cookies I have eaten lately, how blessed I am, and the Braves. Fortunately for you - I'm too tired to even begin. We've had a fun week though so I can't just let is pass. Here are a few pictures for proof. (P.S. - Do you think Santa is still taking requests? I would FALL APART to unwrap a new Canon SLR camera. I know you would fall apart too as soon as I start to post pictures taken from a new camera. I mean, Brooks is about the coolest thing around but can you imagine how cute he would be behind a big, fat Mac-daddy lens and a super duper camera? Maybe next year Santa......)

I'm sure you don't believe this but Santa's little helper likes to unwrap the gifts right after I get them all pretty. Unbelievable right?

Here are 4 of the 5 boys between ages 2 and 3 that entertained me and Brooks yesterday at our first luncheon hosted at our house. They loved looking for the crabs in the marsh. Aren't they just so precious? Brooks was a little shy and seemed to just watch the big boys in awe.

Yes, I am a dork. These are the Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer pb&j's that tickled me more than the little guys that ate them. If only I had that much energy and creativity when it comes to laundry and other house chores
I spy........a BABY.....10 feet from the pillow that I first sat him in as I was putting the noses on the Reindeer sandwiches. Who needs to crawl when you can roll your way around the house!

P.S. - I am not sure what crazy lady was on t.v. but it surely is telling that the t.v. ALWAYS seems to be on yet I swear I NEVER watch it! In the New Year, I will turn the t.v. off and take in the quiet house all..... day....... long. Promise.

Reindeer Droppings

Eeeewwwww. I love an occasional reindeer on my rooftop but I dont like to think that they leave feces in my yard but like the book says, "everything poops." Well, this morning I have been elbow deep in reindeer droppings and now they are chilling in the fridge waiting to be dipped in chocolate. YUMMY!

Actually, I have a cookie swap here in the neighborhood tonight and I am pretty psyched to have been invited. Unfortunately, I have put way too many things on my to do list this week so yesterday I found myself hyperventilating at the thought that I had 72 cookies to make standing in between me and my first party here in Savannah! I am embarrassed to even share my secrets regarding this SUPER EASY actually, easier than easy recipe but as I can imagine many of you will find yourselves in this same bind in the next week I thought I would pass on this little recipe. Happy early Christmas.

Side note: the actual name of this recipe is often called "Reindeer Balls." I won't comment any further but I am not sure which is less appetizing....reindeer balls or reindeer droppings? I feel funny even writing that word on my blog.

1 package Oreos (full fat kind, can't skimp here)
1 package cream cheese (I have used 1/3 less fat version...and it doesn't work well). Oh, make sure it is softened.
1 package white chocolate or milk chocolate (or both) morsels for melting

Put on Christmas music.
Pour glass of eggnog (I've had 2). Put baby down for nap if you have a baby.
Place oreos in food processor and process until oreos are crushed (think: consistency of dust). I have to do this in batches.
Dump oreos in large bowl with package of softened cream cheese.
Blend ingredients with hand mixer until mixture starts to clump together and could make a large moist ball. (Ewww)
*You could do this all in the food processor if yours is big enough.)
Roll into 1inch balls and place on a cookie sheet.
Place in fridge to harden (up to 2 hours but it doesn't have to be that long)
In the meantime, drink more eggnog and scape the oreo bowl with your fingers - this is the best part!
And, melt chocolate on low heat on stove ( I am sure you could do microwave too)
Dip oreo "spheres" in melted chocolate and place back on cookie sheet.
Place back in fridge or freezer for chocolate to harden.
Enjoy!!! They are rich enough to only need a few bites but small enough to not feel too guilty.
**I'll have to update with a finished project photo later. My second batch is in the fridge. And, Sherri, aka: my cookie monster partner in crime, tell me what you think after you run out today and buy some oreos! I love a kindred spirit when it comes to cookies!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What was I thinking? {In pictures}

"Yay, let's iron with a luke warm iron for the next 4 days!!!!!

This was a good idea....butternut squash for the wee-man and for lunch with friends on Wednesday. The smell in the house right now would make you do cartwheels.

What was I thinking? Let's take the 6 month, sneezing, coughing baby to the islands tour of homes during his bed time!

Last but not least......and having nothing to do with the below post and everything to do with the tingly sensation in my toes is this bulletin board displaying the friends whom have not yet forgotten us in Atlanta (and beyond!) and have wished us a Merry Christmas. Oh, I can't tell you how happy this makes me! I sit and stare at this board throughout the day and I may or may have not been caught talking to some of you over lunch - just to feel like I have a dear friend near by! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

What was I thinking?

I've had alot of those moments lately. Actually, the majority of my moments lately have concluded or been interrupted by the exact thought...what was I thinking? (But sounding in my head more like...what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was I thinking?) My ability to reason these days is on vacation somewhere tropical and breezy.

Like the time last Wednesday when I thought it a noble idea to wash the perfectly clean white duvet cover on our king sized bed. I love fresh bed sheets and thought I should extend my cleanliness to the duvet cover. Oh how I wish I could rewind to that moment and slap myself on the head. Today I am finally dealing with the consequences after many days of delay. You see, I DON'T IRON. I should, I know. I have oodles of time on my hands with a 6 months old. I just don't like it and honestly, I don't know how so everything gets taken to the dry cleaner and I skip 6 meals a month to be able to pay for our astronomical dry cleaning. (Mind you, this is the same girl who begged the lady at the coin laundry to wash and fold her clothes when she first moved here just so she didn't have to do it - even if it meant nearly $70!!!) Yes, I have this thing called an iron but it was a hand me down from a regular ironer (my mother) who would have thrown it away had I not convinced her that I would actually enjoy (gag) ironing. Anyway, I have now flattened a whole 2 square feet of the comforter. It looks terrible and it took me 25 minutes. Seriously, what's a girl to do? Nap time will soon be over and I still don't have a put together bed to sleep in tonight. Sorry Brad. This project may have to be delegated as well.

(But to make me feel better my butter nut squash that is baking in the oven makes my house smell like a homemaker's dream! A house that smells this cozy must be a house where the wife irons and cleans and makes banana bread, right?)

Moving on....this afternoon I sat in my drive way with an 8 ball a oiji board and a rabbits foot deliberating the question of the day....really, of every day. TO LEAVE BROOKS IN THE CAR NOW THAT HE IS ASLEEP OR ATTEMPT TO PUT HIM IN HIS CRIB FOR THE DURATION (potential 1.5 hours) OF NAP? I couldn't come to a conclusion so I asked the working member of our household and as expected - because he likes a challenge (and secretly I think he thinks my days are pure giggles and fun over here every minute) he decided that I should quickly get him in his crib and then carry on giggling and creating fun. Well that is the last time I will take daddy-o's advise. The little guy has yet to fall asleep - 40 minutes later. Have you ever tried to "carry on" while listening (but trying not to listen) to a baby fall asleep? Yeah, it doesn't work. Every silent second seems like an eternity and I literally think in my head...."okay, quiet....quiet (this can't be true)....quiet (I know he's not asleep)" WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. Why do I always have to be right? Please go to sleep. This sequence is repeated every time there is a break in the noise. Anyway, what was I thinking? Oh, I know what I was thinking.....won't it be fun to spend my Monday afternoon learning to iron on the largest piece of ironable thing in my house while listening to the baby pretend to go to sleep for what seem like hours on end. (Sorry for the sarcasm today. No more I promise.)

Or try this one on for size. I am coming home from a lovely lunch downtown today when I decided to take a new route home (even though I know the quicker the route meant the possibility to make it home to get Brooks down in his crib and not have to deal with the above.) Let's just say I ended up on Martin Luther King Blvd and you know what that means in any city. In addition, I wanted to change Brooks' stinky diaper before he actually fell asleep so I proceed to pull over into a gravel lot in order to change him. Some crazy looking man asked Brooks for a dollar and I figured he could wait until we got home with his stinky diaper. stomach is turning. There has been 10 seconds of silence from the nursery. Could it be that I actually may get to tackle another 2 feet of my dreaded project? In that case, maybe I'll just get the little guy up! Kidding. I'm going to find someone who enjoys ironing or at the least is effective at this chore (meaning: the wrinkles actually come out!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2 sick boys and a rainy Saturday

What do you do on the one Saturday that you are actually (unexpectedly) in town and the sky has been crying big alligator sized tears all day long? The tears just didn't stop coming today along with a pretty fierce wind. Naturally we were cooped up in our abode like most Georgian's were today.....looking in corners for things to do and things to eat. On top of the dreary weather outside, the spirits weren't so high inside either. The little man of the house had the nastiest cold I have ever seen. His cold seems like a dad sized cold all welled up in that little body. Oh, he was just so pathetic looking. Luckily, he was happy to have us all to himself today and happy that his dad was home to share in his misery so he was not as cranky as you would imagine a hacking, snotting, feverish nearly 7 month old. His dad on the other hand (don't tell him) has a baby sized cold and is much more put out by his symptoms than the little guy. So what's a girl to do? I decided early in the day I would clean the house from head to toe to prepare for my first gathering of friends to the house next week. I also decided I would complete one of the following projects (some of which were started two years ago) - begin Wedding picture album, work on Brooks' baby book, create collage of black and white pictures in black frames for the hallway, sew buttons on pillows that Amos chewed in his early years, write letters to dear friends like I used to do, address Christmas cards (though I am actually late on these this year even though in an earlier post I said I would be early) or iron the clean, crisp, white bed linens on my bed (fresh, plump bed linens make me act out of character). Unfortunately, the ever flowing stream of mucus from one of the boys nose kept me occupied much of the day and I am just now sitting down for the day.

And I am pooped. But had I not spent the day all bound up with two icky boys I would not have discovered the best part of this entire Christmas season so far. Ta da! We have a fireplace. We have a live, working fireplace and it is soo pretty in the dark room right now! I had coveted my neighbors smoke rolling from their chimney the last few cold days but no longer! Tonight I have my very own roaring, warming, soothing fire and honestly, had we not been stuck in the dark room all day we wouldn't have actually been bored enough to make it work! I am thrilled about what this nasty weather and my two sick babies have brought about. In an instant, Christmas time here (alone) in Savannah doesn't seem so cold and lonely. I love a rainy, sick day every once in awhile! Oh, and how fun is it to actually wear my rain boots I bought the last time it poured for the purpose they were made - to stomp in the rain on the way to the mailbox! I love wearing useful clothing.

And for your enjoyment: A few funny facts about the Christmas season:
1) Every year my parents would beg us to watch It's a Wonderful Life among other holiday classics. For some reason, to this day I do not know that I have actually ever watched the whole movie. Maybe this year?
2) I LOVE exquisetly wrapped presents...with huge overflowing ribbon, bright yet crisp paper, plush tissue paper beneath, and fun little trinkets to adorn. Oh.....I love a perfectly wrapped present and I know many will not agree but I think the wrapping of the present is half the joy of getting a present. i won't lie....I don't wrap my presents with such passion..yet....but I will one day when I don't know what to do with my money. And I'd find the papers here in the Virginia Highlands.
3) I am the gift giver that many people don't like. I like to find the present you would never buy yourself but once I give it to you - you wonder what you ever did without it....I just love to find a unique something for each person.
4) My favorite Christmas as a child was the Christmas we found the trampoline Santa had hidden in the garage a few days before he actually came. My parents left me to watch the 3 other munchkins and we jumped and jumped as much as any four youngsters could jump in a 10 foot garage.
5) I love my dad's Christmas wassail he makes every year.
6) I love wearing fuzzy, warm Christmas themed socks about the house for the weeks leading up to the big day
7) I love Christmas time with Brad. He is as cheesy as it gets when it comes to Christmas and that sure is fun for me. I am glad I don't live with a scrooge this time of the year.
8) I don't get Cranberry sauce.
9)I can't wait to play Santa Claus for Brooks but more so, I can't wait to get to eat a bite of a cookie and leave the rest on the plate. That was always so convincing for me.
10) Our Christmas parties and Christmas in July parties at the Terrace (my house in Buckhead before marriage and where 3 of my favorite people spent their days with me) were I think the best social event in Atlanta back in the day. Oh how I miss our 15 foot tall Santa Clause and our over-lit Christmas tree (Katherine was the tree lighting queen!), margarita machines and tacky Christmas sweaters. I love to get lost in my own memories about my days at "The Terrace"...what a sweet sweet time!

I hope you are doing something warm and Christmasy tonight with your favorite people even if their noses are dripping.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Even though it is 79 degrees today

We wear our snowman pajamas and sing with Frosty.

We play outside in our big yard with Amos. We look for fish on the dock.

And we investigate all of the falling yellow leaves! Despite the beach weather - we are feeling quite Christmasy these days and counting down the days until Brooks' first Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The way to my heart

1) Send a Christmas card with a picture
2) Make the bed in the morning before you go to work without me knowing
3) Smile at me when I am come into greet you in the morning
4) Send 2 dozen Christmas-decorated sugar cookies with an inch of icing
5) Grow me a flower

Yesterday was out first day back to the mail after being away for a week. I was antsy all morning waiting for the daily-deliverer-of-joy-and junk-mail to make his way down my little street. What might he have for me after being out of town for the first beloved, real week of the Christmas season?? We don't get too much mail down here yet so there was only a small bundle to sort through. At first glance there was nothing but the usual - coupons to Papa Johns, a Pottery Barn magazine, and an application to yet another credit card. But what to my wondering eye should appear....but a card sized envelope or two to bring me good cheer! I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS! I love to see how our friends have changed each year. I love to see the holiday stamps that only work this time of year. And I love to think of the time put in to the little piece of paper. You already know I love mail so the combo is just spectacular. Thank you to my Atlanta-in-Savannah friends and new Nashville family for making my first day back from vacation a true joy! I looked at your pictures all day long and they are the first to be added to my basket of cards for the year. I'm just happy to not have a real job these days. What would I do if I had to race home everyday to beat Brad to the mailbox?

Speaking of the B-man. He made the bed this morning before he left for work and without me even knowing. This seems medial but something inside of me just started jumping. I love a freshly made bed and I love that I didn't have to make it this morning. I've walked in the room this morning for no reason every 20 minutes just to make sure it was true. It's true! My bed is made and the room is that much more inviting. What could that boy be up to?

Whatever it is....his son was in on it too! Brooks played in his crib quietly this morning while I pretended like I was still on vacation. Then when I came into greet him he had saved the biggest, toothless grin I had ever seen! What is going on around here? It's not even my birthday!

But if it were my birthday I would be thrilled to receive these again. Oh my, oh my. One of my most favorite ladies in the world sent us a box of holiday sugar cookies iced with an inch of some of the best icing I have put in my mouth. I came in from a pretty challenging work out yesterday morning and happened upon what looked like a shoe ox on our front door. The only thing better than shoes on my doorstep is iced sugar cookies! Without hesitation or consideration for the calories I may have just burned - I ate 2 and maybe a few bites of a third. Iced sugar (absolute favorite) Christmas cookies (favorite season) delivered (I love things delivered.....mail, telegrams - since I get those often, packages, you name it) on my doorstep (another favorite - surprises) is truly one of the quickest ways to my heart and an easy way to truly feel that natural Christmas cheer that I look forward to every year.

To top it all off there is an 8 foot bush looking thing out my back window. Yesterday i noticed a little ball of pink from beneath the heavy limbs. Though it is December it looks like we are about to have a fully blooming flower bush in our back yard! I've never had my own flower bush! And though we are mere renters in this home - it feels like mine. I did pick a few just because I I said, I've never had my very own (sort of) yard to pick my very own (sort of) flowers from our very own bushes. I love fresh flowers especially ones I picked. They are scattered about the house right now and I feel a little pride every time I walk by one as if I had something to do with their existence. Oh, little flower bush. . . you, too, have a key to my heart this Christmas season.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Brooks: the driver and stocking stuffer

Pinch me!

As I sit here in my pj's with the Today show in the background (because as you might note I never actually watch tv...just hear it) I am having to slap my cheeks to remember I am home in Savannah, Georgia and sadly, no longer in the Big City! We stood on that very corner that Meredith is in front of and swallowed a Magnolia Bakery cupcake whole! My waistline is still feeling the effects of such impromptu decisions as this one while my heart is aching to be back in the bustling city during this Christmas season with my groom!

As you may have guessed - we had a splendid trip! We ran into friends in the Subway station....who runs into a familiar face in New York? We do. We ate 3 cupcakes, 2 over sized brownies, and 4 cookies in the span of 72 hours. Who keeps track of the sweets consumed? I do. We drank pretty looking cappuccinos and people watched from a cafe window nearly 60% of the time. Who was wide awake the entire trip? I was. We walked atleast 10 miles each day in cowboy boots. Who wears cowboy boots in NYC? Only we did (this was very noticeable.) Not to add - I wore my vivid, blue long coat quite pridefully. Who stuck out like a sore thumb in the city that only wears black? That would be me. We held hands, and laughed, slept in (well, past our usual 6:30am with the Brooks-man around), we shopped, toured, walked some more, tried to act like natives, met friends for dinner and overall just had a wonderful 3 days away! Who is fully in the Christmas spirit and feeling quite rejuvenated? Me me me!

In conclusion, I have developed my only piece of advise to new parents. As soon as you feel comfortable leaving the little one - GO! I was so hesitant Wednesday as we drove away. What if he forgot about me? What if my mom gets tired of him after just one day? What if he is looking for me and I am not there - will he forever feel neglected and find himself in counseling at the age of 10? What if we like being away from him too much and don't want to come back? I had been through all the "what if's" in my head. Finally, Brad sequestered my phone and we were off. Admittedly, it took a good day and a half to fully let go and enjoy our time away, together but once I did I was like a kid on Christmas morning! We then tried to pack all of our "must do's while in NYC" in the remaining day and half. I am sure the mister would agree, we didn't really care if we got through that list - we just enjoyed having real conversation about anything and nothing all at the same time but not about a baby. I enjoyed being courted around the most magnificent city at Christmas time. Brad enjoyed leading our trip with the significant help of the handy dandy iphone (note: if I get around to posting pictures I will try to select the one or two that I captured where Brad wasn't using his iphone!) So, Go go go! Take some time for yourselves and go away! Brad and I agree that we would be better parents if we were to get away like this a few times throughout the year. Hold us to it! Oh, and kiss your mother today. We are sooooo lucky to have two amazing grandmama's to love on both Brooks and Amos while we were away. This trip would have been a disaster if I hadn't known our offspring weren't in the best of hands. Thank you grandmama's!

Now to go attack the daunting pile of stinky clothes worn all over the city. Back to reality.....

A few shots from our vacation:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Once again, I confess

I ate the milk chocolate Christmas trees from days two through five out of the advent calendar already. Isn't it considered bad luck to forget a day? Or is it worse to skip ahead and eat the days that you know you will be away? I'll take the consequences - those were the most scrumptious little chocolate's I've had this December.

Is it okay if I buy two more calendars today at the Fresh Market before we leave? That way there can be enough to share with the boys (or enough for a morning and afternoon treat for me!)

These streets will make you feel brand new....

These lights will inspire you. Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York.
Thank you, Alicia, for giving my husband a ballad to play on repeat throughout the house for the last 2 months since we booked our tickets to NYC. Actually, I think this song alone was the thing that pushed Brad to arrange our first getaway without the wee-est member of the family. What are we thinking? I am already assuming that we will be begging Delta to fly us home after one full day away from Brooks. I never wanted to be that mom...the one who wouldn't go anywhere out of the house once she added "mother" to her resume. But nor do I want to be the parents that drop their first born with the grandparents at the first mention of some time away (only because I never want to take advantage of any FREE help!) So before we even step foot on the plane I can say that I am proud of us for doing this. I am glad that we are prioritizing our marriage and time together, knowing that it is the best thing we can do for Brooks. Now, whether I'll actually be able to walk away from the one that has been with me every hour for the last 6 months....I'm not so sure. Even knowing that he'll be in the best of care....certainly better care than he gets at home is comforting but it still doesn't make it easy. Not to add, I have taken several comments this week from friends and strangers alike that go something like this, "Wow, you are leaving your baby overnight at such a young age. Good for you" which means the comm enters are thinking you are crazy....let's see how enjoyable this really is for y'all! {chuckle chuckle}

Anyway, our bags are packed and the Rockettes are waiting! I am just praying that I can actually enjoy myself and for the first time in 6 months - soak up some genuine time with Brad and without my favorite little man. If I can actually relax I think this will be the best thing for a woman's tattered soul since the creation of Nutella. How about this for luck, too, we just found out two are our favorite couples from our old supper club will be visiting the city as well and one of the couples is on our same flight! This is just an added bonus as we are missing our Atlanta friends like crazy! Some one is certainly watching over us...

If you live near my parents - check on them over the next few days. I can imagine that becoming a full time parent again after raising your last baby 20 years ago can be qutet exhausting. Don't worry Mimi and Pops, we'll bring you something real nice from New York. I have a feeling everyone will be very happy to see us when we actually get back to Atlanta!

Get ready, New York, here we come and we want to take in every Christmas festivity that you have to offer! Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is

Gorgeous! Yesterday Brad and I dreamed of today and how we would bundle up in our scarves and boots and sit three deep in the truck to stay warm as we travelled through the snow laden hills to cut down our Christmas tree for the season. We even decided not to take this whole journey yesterday because we were scantily clad in the 60 degree weather and that just didn't feel like Christmas. Well, today friends we are about to go sit on the dock in our red and green bathing suits to take a Christmas photo instead of living out our dream. Nonetheless, the Christmas tunes are on the ipod, the sliding glass doors are open and we are putting up our few Christmas decorations and our Charlie Brown tree! We love this time of year!

This will be our 3rd Christmas as married people. I love taking the decorations out of the two shopping bags (yes, I know, it's sad but I am sure we will start collecting more decor this year with Brooks around) and remembering the last two Christmas seasons together. Our first Christmas we bought some decorations with credit we had received from wedding gifts. We went on a chilly day with some coffee in hand and picked out our first perfect tree. Last year we had Amos the Famous Dog and he got to come along and sniff out the best Frazier fur. Brad and I are both pretty silly over Christmas. I love every single ounce of Christmas time.....cheesy music about buying mom some Christmas shoes, puffy sweaters, candy canes everywhere, silly Target commercials that started extra early this year, and your typical secret Santa game played at most Holiday gatherings. Oh wait, I don't like Alan Jackson. Brad loves Alan Jackson's Christmas album and I don't know why but I just do not like it for some reason. But other than that - I soak it all up! I love to find the perfect gift for my family. Last year my dad got a coffee mug from my brother that had Grumpy the dwarf on it and I don't think he liked it much....I'm not saying my dad is a grump but it just proves - at Christmas time you can give anyone any random gift and it will be received better than any other time of year. So today is a fun day for us. I am putting each of your Christmas cards on our coffee table so we can look back over the past 2 years and remember our first 2 Christmas' in Atlanta. By the way, just because we have moved doesn't mean you can delete me from your Christmas card list. Actually, I will be checking the mail everyday and expect twice the amount of cards this year just because of this post! I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

And on another note. I miss Atlanta. Brad and I both love Christmas in Atlanta in our old condo. It was truly the best season to be living on Peachtree. The mall traffic daily reminded us of all the happy spending that was going on at Phipps and Lenox. The Chihuly wreath in the Bluepointe building is one of my favorites at Christmas time because it seems to sparkle extra well. There is also that house on the corner of Peachtree Dunwoody and Winall Downs that decks their yard with nearly 40 blow up Christmas characters. I drove by this daily even if it wasn't in the way when we lived on Peachtree. I loved the Christmas parties, the ability to hop over to my parents to bake cookies or watch a cheesy Christmas movie, and the real Santa at Phipps plaza (the last two years we walked over there weekly to watch the real families with their real kids as they screamed on Santa's lap......crazy we could be that family this year??) I loved church at Buckhead Church leading up to the big Day! Oh, we loved it all......going to A Christmas Carol downtown, singing carols at the History Center's Yule tide celebration, and the greenery that hung from all of the mailboxes of the houses surrounding the country club. So, I write all of this not for sympathy but as a plea for you lucky Atlantans to do some of our favorite Christmas stuff with us in mind. You will thank us and maybe make some new traditions!

We are excited to spend our first Christmas season on our island. Brad kicked off the season today by reading Brooks The Night Before Christmas this morning. We think this will be a daily activity for the next 4 weeks! More so, there looks to be several festivals and Christmas parades and such down here and we expect to take advantage of all of them but mostly take advantage of our time together - once again with few distractions. I guess I will have no excuse for late Christmas cards this year! "Tis the season and I am so so glad it is!

Oh, and I forgot to mention - we'll be in New York for the lighting of the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree! How Christmasy is that? We are excited to be taking this little mini trip. We have both wanted to do this the last two years and what a better year than when you have a six month old who is attached to his mother and cries when she leaves the room! Seriously, he does that but we aren't worried. He'll be in good hands at Mimi and Pop's house in Marietta. Actually, I think he will be just fine. It will be me that will be texting my mom every hour for an update. Brad thinks he may have to sedate me to get me on the plane. Seriously, how early did you leave your baby overnight? Luckily Brooks is pretty easy so I think his grandparent's will enjoy the few days with him but I truly will be a basket case. Prayers welcomed.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Plains. Brooks enjoyed being rocked, held, played with, and sung to all day long. He loved the attention since he never gets any! It was such a relaxing trip and we are so thankful to have two amazing families to see over the Holidays! And we were quite thankful for the colder was beginning to look alot like Christmas in Southwest Georgia!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for laughter

The little person and I both had one of those good belly laughs today. We had the kind of unrestricted chuckle that sort of comes from nowhere but once it's out it feels so good all over your body. The best part is that we actually got a double-doozie today (oh, what I'd do for a real double-doozie!) and it was completely unexpected. Brooks went to see Dr. Stone today for his 6 month appointment. He really likes going to see the doctor. He turns into quite the ladies man the moment he sees the happy women in their cute nurse attire. They hold him and flirt with him and make him feel like he is the only baby who has ever walked through their doors. I mean, they really like they don't seem to be pretending because they work at a pediatric office. Well, you may or may not know that with the 6 month appointment comes another heavy dose of vaccines. We can talk about our feelings about vaccines on another blog. It is truly torture to have to hold your little one as he gets jabbed in the legs but atleast at our pediatrician they make it as painless as possible. Lynn, the nurse came in and played with Brooks for probably 10 minutes before she actually began to explain what was about to happen. By that point Brooks was fixated on Lynn, the happy nurse. Immediately after she had administered the 3 shots in his thankfully chubby thighs she began blowing bubbles and laughing hysterically. You know what, Brooks began to laugh hysterically too - and so did I! She wasn't having to tickle him or anything she was just dancing around and blowing bubbles and Brooks and I left thinking shots were the coolest thing ever. I enjoyed laughing at Brooks as he belly laughed out loud.

We got home just in time to feed Brooks. As I was feeding him I was doing what every good mother should do. As I was starting the DVR to catch the beginning of the Ellen show Brooks looked up to see me smile and he began to smile. Well it was all over from there...Ellen played a new game on her show today called blindfolded musical chairs. The 5 women were blindfolded and when the music came on they had to each dance in a certain style - salsa, disco, ballet, etc. Then like the game goes - when the music went off the ladies had to find a chair. Oh my stinkin goodness. I think I literally wet my pants and so did Brooks. I hope I can find this later to post it because for some reason it was so amusing. So I am giggling with no reservation and Brooks, distracted from eating, is laughing at me laughing. I am convinced laughter is truly the best medicine for a gray day or really any day and I am thankful for the opportunity to giggle with the little guy all day long.

And in case you are on the edge of your seat wondering just how big the little guy now measures....he is 18 lbs and 14 ounces and I don't remember the height but he is in the 88% range. Bottom line - he is a beast. I am just glad his height is starting to catch up with his weight! Hopefully he's going to be tall like his Pops (my dad)!

Monday, November 23, 2009

6 months!

Gosh, this week all I feel like I am doing is confessing to you. I confess, the cookie pictured below in Brooks' 6 month picture was the object of my desires for nearly two weeks now. I am a cookie addict for sure with my favorites being iced sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. I feel like it is my duty to taste any of these subjects at any new place just to always have my gage on the best cookie around in case that piece of info is ever needed. Today we found it! Brooks and I found the thing which my heart desires here in Savannah....the perfect sugar cookie!

My birthday is less than 2 months away and for my birthday I am forgoing cake - I want a chocolate chip cookie from here and an iced sugar cookie from here. I didn't just happen to have this cookie laying around when we took photos today. No, I drove around town just to get this cookie just for this picture to disguise the fact that I just wanted to eat it once it served it's purpose. Luckily Brooks just wanted to crumble it to pieces and didn't mind that I ate the whole thing. Needless to say, we had a fun half birthday together and we talked about all of the fun the next 6 months hold.

P.S. - Brad says this picture looks like Brooks is showcasing his resume. "Hey, my name is Brooks. I am a stay at home baby. I roll and eat solids twice a day." {No, gooberhead! I add these little monthly reminders so I can remember what the little guy was up to when we look back through the photo album with the grandkids one day!} to Betsy. Is anyone there? just had to remind me that today my baby is 6 months old. Geez....I had been thinking about this half birthday for the past several weeks as it seems pretty monumental....I can no longer use the "I just had a baby" excuse for anything from locking my keys in the car to why I need a bigger size of pants to any unreasonable burst of tears at the grocery store when Publix is out of organic milk (true story). Nor is the little guy an infant anymore. Well, I guess he hasn't been an infant since 48 hours of life with the way he has multiplied his body weight. More so, in another short 6 months he will be a one year old. If you are reading this you are thinking..well, yeah, 6 months plus 6 months equals a year. Brilliant Betsy. But really, a one year old! I can see our lives with a baby but not the starts of a walking, sort of talking toddler! I won't get ahead of myself he is 6 months old and I can truly say today that I am finally used to this little life change that took over 6 months earlier. Thank goodness he is asleep so I can go decorate the house and bake him a greenbean/apple/butternut squash mixture with a candle and wash some sort of birthday suit for the little guy. I can only imagine what these next 6 months have in store at the rate he is changing everyday! Here is what Babycenter says is in store for us. Pictures to follow later once I actually get my act together!

Your 6-month-old's development: Week 1
Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board
Last updated: February 2006

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Your baby's stronger neck and arm muscles allow him to practice rolling over toward one side, a milestone that will probably awe and amuse you. Your baby might adopt rolling as his primary mode of ground transportation for a while, or he may skip it altogether and move on to sitting, lunging, and crawling. As long as your baby continues to gain new skills and shows interest in getting around and exploring his environment, don't worry.

Rolling over can be fun for your baby, but it can also be nerve-racking for you. Keep a hand on your baby during diaper changes, and never leave him unattended on a bed or any other elevated surface.
Your little social butterfly

At this age your baby not only tolerates attention from others, he'll often initiate it. Though you may soon notice the beginnings of stranger anxiety, your baby will probably still be fairly indiscriminate: Chances are anyone who approaches him with welcoming eyes or a grin delights him and becomes an instant friend. But don't worry — he still needs and craves lots of love and attention from you.

Your baby is also learning that his behaviors, both the ones you like and the ones you don't, engage you, so starting now (and for years to come) he'll do just about anything to get your attention. Right now almost everything he does is endearing, but as he gets older, he's more likely to get into mischief to provoke a reaction from you. Just don't forget to give him positive feedback when he's being good. It's a great way to start teaching right from wrong.

One thing will become clear: Your baby is beginning to expand his attention-getting repertoire to include more than crying. You may notice him wriggling, making noises, blowing "raspberries," and so on. Over the next three months, he'll develop a uniquely personal way of letting you know what he thinks, wants, and needs.
Dressed for success

As your baby starts becoming more active, he'll appreciate wearing comfy clothes. Opt for soft fabrics that won't chafe him as he's moving around. Loose, stretchy, and breathable clothing is also smart as it provides your energetic little one plenty of wiggle room.

Avoid clothes with rough or scratchy seams; long ties, buttons, or bows (could be a choking hazard); and anything else that gets in the way of your baby's sleeping, crawling, playing, or other regular activities.
In your baby's diaper

**And then there was some info about poopoo diapers and I thought I'd spare you of that if you in fact read this whole thing. Yay for 6 months!

Sitting up is so cool

This weekend we sat......

and sat.......

and sat and had a blast seeing Amos at eye level and mom's knees and the bottom of the couch. Oh the world of sitting is going to be sooo cool!

This was our second week in town and despite the yucky weather the weekend was a success. I bought Brooks a $10 car at a neighbors garage sale and we spent the better half of the weekend learning to drive. We also borrowed our neighbors bike with a baby seat to see what Brooks would think about a cruise around the island. He was happy to have his mama to block the wind and he was more glad to not have to do too much work after an exhausting weekend of sitting. Unfortunately for me - my legs feel like cement blocks stuck in the ground. Fun!

(And, yes, that is our yacht in the background. Rent your house and buy a yacht! Sounds like a stellar plan to me!)

Saturday night we had the most splendid meal yet in our new town at Cha Bella. Oh my....My lips are smacking just recalling the heaven in a bowl that I tasted. Shut your eyes and taste this.....butternut squash and pumpkin soup with crumbles of homemade ginger snaps and a dollop of mascapone (sp?) cheese. I can't come up with a word to relay the splendor my body felt as this liquid gold trickled down my throat. The best part was that Brooks for some strange reason was an angel. He sat patiently and just enjoyed that his mama and dad were enjoying themselves.

And because we had a babysitter cancellation we decided we were justified to spend too much money on dinner rather than having to pay the babysitter. That works right? Thank you oh babysitter for cancelling because I may not have tasted the last minute bowl of soup that I ordered. Does anyone have a recipe for this perfect fall concoction? Anyway, yesterday we tried a new church, IPC. We ran into two people that we knew so once again we rated the experience not on the preaching but on the fact that we saw a familiar face. Overall, we had a very enjoyable weekend together and that is just why we initially made this move - to be together with little distractions. I am grateful for this fall family weekend! (But admittedly I am feeling a little blue today as I want to be home sooooo badly...making cookies with mama and lil sister and beginning to decorate the house for Christmas. Mama told me she was watching Christmas movies in her bed yesterday afternoon and what I would have given to be snuggled up watching some old favorites with her. Hopefully we will stay busy this week and not realize that I am not home for the Holidays. Save me some cookie dough, girls!)
(Last years cookie baking marathon)
Here is our family photo last Thanksgiving. Brooks was one trimester old. My how things look different this year!

Amos enjoyed his early Christmas present (that he tore the zipper off of about 2 hours later) and his own personal turkey leg for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I confess

The baby is sleeping in the car and I am sitting in the garage ordering a pair of boots for Christmas online. I have found the one thing I want the most and as usual, I can't wait until Christmas. Really, I can't and not because I am impatient but because I have a popular shoe size so the retailers tell me I must buy shoes that I covet when I find them before they sell out or before they go on sale. Genius, aren't they. A good pair of boots and a unique jacket are the two things I don't feel bad purchasing anytime of the year. If you have a good pair of boots or a fun jacket you can walk around in a wind suit and still feel good. It seems every year this time either a pair of boots and/or a cute jacket makes it's way to the top of my wish list and it takes over 70% of my thoughts. I know this isn't healthy and I know it isn't about things but allow me to have one materialistic post a year okay? Luckily for Brad's paycheck, my mama already bought me a fabulous winter-white cropped jacket that I put on and model for myself just about everyday until it actually cools off enough to wear it around town. So, now it's just a pair of boots that are pulling on my heart strings. I just called Brad and told him, "that's it...I'll go back to work for these beauties."

And, yes, I said the baby was in the car while I was dreaming of the places my feet would journey in my new cognac boots. He fell asleep in the car this afternoon for the first genuine nap in 4 days and I wasn't about to wake him. I know it is illegal in a public place to leave a child in the car but in my own driveway with me right there and the air conditioning on it's okay, right? Maybe I shouldn't write that for the world to see but I had to confess. After a good 1:45 minute nap I went to go wake the sleeping baby and as I opened the door his big blue eyes popped open and he gave me the biggest grin as if to say thank you for letting me sleep mama. I needed that. Oh, and I think you'll look amazing in your new boots. You deserve them. Why thank you, darling. I'll let you sleep in the car more often.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And then there was silence {momentarily}

This is a post in 3 parts. I started this post yesterday morning but in the 30 hours since I've had some good little revelations. I was grateful to come check my email this afternoon and see my two attempts to post yesterday were still on my screen waiting for that divine moment when my head would clear. It's a little clearer now......

Part Uno.
After 3 failed attempts this {yesterday} morning the rolling, slobbering, mischievous baby has settled into the looks of a nap. There must have been an angel in his crib whispering sweet nothings to him and warning him of his mom's lurking breakdown if he didn't fall asleep. Today has just been one of those days in the life of a stay at home mom that seem to come around once every 17th day or so when there have been no breaks on the job. Even as I type that I don't believe that I am actually that mom....staying at home while the rest of the world is out conferencing, meeting, collaborating, negotiating, instructing, and serving in some monetarily rewarding way. I guess without a Suburban, PTA meetings, and, scheduled tennis matches while the kids are in school, I somehow don't yet feel like that woman. But by mid afternoon on a day of no naps I do feel like that woman - the same woman in the tennis skirt that has yet to brush her teeth or hair and can barely carry on a conversation because of the constant distraction of a little person tugging on her leg. Who am I, I beg???
Part deux. 3 hours later.
Okay, we're back. That little nap was just a ploy to get me to leave Brooks alone long enough to do his bathroom business only to then need me 6 minutes later. It is now 4:07 and the little guy has yet to shut his eyes all day. In lieu of falling to pieces I am resolving to the ever-educational Ellen show in the excersaucer and pretending for 15 minutes that I don't hear him begging for my attention. Luckily in the last hours we went for a walk around the island so things don't seem as hectic as they may have sounded had I actually finished the above post 3 hours ago.

Earlier I was going to share with you just how difficult this season of life has been. There - it's out. I am not needing any sympathy. Empathy rather. Someone to just say they've been here and it's okay. It's not necessarily the "mom" role that is getting to me though you would disagree if you were a fly on our wall and had heard me say the dreaded words to the 6 month old.......SHUT IT! I did. I told, scratch that, I begged (in a louder than usual voice) the baby to SHUT IT. Of course he didn't listen and actually only turned his voice up even louder just to show his disrespect for my wishes.

It is 50-50. The move wears on me on the days when Brooks needs me most. I guess I reason that his neediness (which I know is a beautiful thing) wouldn't be so draining were I back in my old town, doing things the old way. Really, I was just too non-stop in that old life to let one of Brooks' off days get to me. I know this isn't the case and I know that Atlanta and what she represents was a different season - and she had her good and bad days too but among my dark, wood-paneled walls, I start to feel just that....dark and wood-paneled; in need of some serious TLC.

Unfortunately for the house, the owners do not wish for their dark room to be made bright. Therefore, I stir all day attempting to brighten our 24:7 living space with colorful pillows, laughter (even if it's fake), music to dance to, and happy things on the television. I open the windows and burn yummy smelling candles to no avail. The clock in the room seems to follow me everywhere as if to remind me of how much time I spent in the dark room on any particular day. Sorry poor house.....theres not too much more TL I can offer! Fortunately for me personally, I can reap great benefits from a little TLC. Tonight {last night} I am going to the Savannah Yoga center to explore the world of Yoga. I probably shouldn't start with all of the professional hippies in the hot-yoga class but I am desperate. I am craving some time with people that know me and I figure it's a good way to get to know some people in a 90 degree room with other women standing on their head. Afterwards I plan to take it to the local coffee shop to people watch and make a few phone calls to some dear people who can make me feel like everything is just fine and that I am not really as alone as I feel. That's what good friends do. They take you back to your happiest place even if it was years ago and remind you of all the reasons why you are here and why God may be taking you through a particular season. Then tomorrow it is a new day and some things have to change. I can't let 17 days or more go by with no attention to my soul. These walls will swallow me if I do. I have to have a little structure to this lack of structure. I may know 4 people down here but I am going to begin tomorrow by stalking those 4 people until I can be known by someone and know someone truly. Somehow I have got to take back my days. Maybe this really is a little bit about control for me. Right now the baby is winning. I have little to no control over the events of the day and the baby is holding the reigns. Not tomorrow.
Part 3. Today.
Well, naps have officially left our vocabulary but things are much better today. I pleaded with God last night to please renew my energy and spirit today and geez have I ever had a prayer answered so rapidly! Luckily Brooks slept peacefully as I asked him to and we had one of our first truly uninterrupted nights in a long time. There was no dog to throw up on our bedroom carpet at 3 in the morning. There were no blinds in the baby's room that decided to fall in the middle of the night and arouse the little one. There were no accidental wake ups due to the new trick of rolling. There were 10+ hours of straight silence and finally I think God worked on me in that still silence. I woke up this morning at 6:10 and without thought I did what I used to do - I got out of bed. I opened the windows, started the coffee and my usual eggs. Then I did as I have been wanting to do for months - I sat down and I read and I thanked God for the apparent energy He gave me overnight. I can't tell you what it did for me to wake up and jump out of bed not because there was a little person crying but because there was silence and I wanted to soak it up! Even though we are now on day 2 of no naps, aka - no breaks for me, I feel much better about life today. I can feel my heart dreaming today about places I want to visit, cards I want to write, businesses I want to start - what have you - my heart is dreaming and that is how I know for sure that God has the reigns on my heart again and thankfully I have the reigns on our days again - even if it means no naps!

By the way.....hotyoga was quite entertaining. My nose was so runny that any downward movement caused me to gag and snort. That certainly didn't add to the serenity of the room. More so, the steamy room and my sweaty feet don't mix. I slid into a split at the mention of a warrior pose. I am not comfortable chanting. I was okay with the breathing and the pretzel like contortions. I felt connected to my body when I was fearing that my left hip was about to fall off but the chanting just didn't do much for me. Luckily the lights were out and no one saw me gawking at my fellow chanters. Overall, the class was a great way for me to give myself some much needed TLC. I even went by Atlanta Bread Company after and treated myself to a giant chocolate chip cookie. Next time I may just go for the cookie - that seems like the best TLC to me.

The end.

{BTW: Brooks is sitting up today without even turning him into a tripod! He is pretty much sitting on his own with just a tumble or two every now and then! Who can nap when you can sit up and look at Amos all day!}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things that we love

{Note the use of "we" again. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for me, I have loved this first one all by myself and have only genuinely offered to share once over the last 5 days.}

Fresh market yogurt covered Christmas tree pretzels. All it took was for me to overhear someone in a store as they told someone on their phone that they had bought some yogurt covered pretzels at the Fresh Market and without contemplation I found myself in the checkout aisle with .94 pounds of holiday bliss. My tummy says that because there are pretzels under the gooey stuff that these mini treasures are a good selection for my waistline. Don't be fooled oh tummy, there is nothing trim about these little trees. There are maybe 5 left. Does anyone out there think I have any remaining will power to zip up the bag, hide them in my fridge, and not touch them atleast until tomorrow? (And hope that the boy in my life helps himself to them tonight so I don't feel so greedy?)

Dinner parties with 5 babies or more. We met two more fun families last night. Last week there were 8 couples and 9 babies. This week there were three couples and 5 babies and honestly, these were our first real adventures with children and dinner time. Just because we have one rolling little guy doesn't mean we have truly experienced dinner time with kids. Last night Brad and I experienced the best free entertainment to date and we met some fun friends all the while. The entertainment involved a 20 month old mysteriously picking up a butchers knife and then innocently chucking it into the dining room table (luckily not the innocent arm of one of the mama's). It also involved 2 toddlers and a 4 year old and a push toy (and a very curious Brooks). And lastly it involved a game of throw the kid on the couch over the coffee table by the dads. Brad was very envious that Brooks wasn't yet of throwing age. Though we really did love the entertainment, we loved the company more. It really makes a difference in a new town when you start to feel like there are people you could spend time with and maybe even call for some butter! We are so grateful for these recent invitations to dine with new friends and the gazillion babies! Savannah is a fertile town for sure!

Art shows, children's book fairs and a sunny weekend. This weekend was fabulous for too many reasons to count. We walked to the local art show at the marina and though we saw nothing we would like to add to our not-yet-budding art collection - we loved the family outing! Even Amos behaved his best and licked all the legs of any neighbor who walked by. We also made it to the Savannah Children's book fair and we were treated to a few local books to add to Brooks' collection (thanks to our South Georgia grandparents!) We finished the weekend with a stroll through the Telfair arts fair. Now there were some fabulous finds at this event but Brooks was done with fairs and people and wouldn't let us even look at a price tag. This is what real weekends are supposed to look like I think. We had the windows open and the smell of fresh grass flew through the doorways all weekend long. I felt like I was 10 again!

Overnight visitors! We had our first set of overnight visitors this past weekend and we loved playing house in our house. There are several eye sores in this house so we just have to ask company to look past them but when you do you see a beautiful back yard with a perfect view of the water for morning coffee and one cozy room with the new furniture we purchased in the past months. It may not be a decorators heaven but it is cozy!. Our visitors brought us an antique dining room table so we can now host our 4 friends that we know for dinner! A dining room table sure does make this temporary home feel complete. And visitors sure do make this house and this city feel so much warmer so please give us a date and come play in the low country!

Rolling almost 6 month old babies. True story. Today I placed Brooks on the edge of the 9 by 12 foot rug in the ugly-wood-walled room. I left the room to change the laundry for 3 minutes. 12:47-12:50 I was gone. I walked back in the room and found the littlest person of the family on the opposite end of the 9 by 12 rug. I wish I had the camera ready. The best part is that there is a coffee table in the middle of the path which he rolled right through. Luckily his large head must be made of steel because it didn't seem to phase him as he rolled over the metal legs. So, I've learned my lesson and we can officially no longer leave the room unless Brooks is in a cage. Gosh, each month truly does get better and better! (If only he didn't want to practice rolling at night now! We are back to waking every few hours because he rolls out of room. This isn't so cute in the middle of the night.)

75 degree weather and sunny skies for days to come. I could get used to these fall temperatures. I am pulling my bathing suits back out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend in pictures

We strolled to the art show at the marina Saturday afternoon.

We read books with grandma and even went to book fair at Forsyth Park.

We listened to grandad's stories (he's a great story teller!)

And we're pooped. We hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What we want to tell you today

{First, note that I often say "we." No, I'm the only one who is actually here typing but I live in a make believe world and in my make believe world this blog is a cohesive effort between me and the Mister of this house. If I were to come down from la la land I would admit that I don't even know if he reads this thing much less - collaborate. Anyway, the person I am has been molded by him a little so therefore he is included in my "we" when we write. Okay, no more explanations.}

2 of the 4 of us are not contagious says the doctor but we don't feel well. I am embarrassed to even say this because this is the 2nd episode of the "crud" as I like to call it - in 4 weeks! Embarrassing! Where did my little immunities go? Luckily, the little person seems to be about done with his crud so now he is taking care of me by waking me up in the middle of the night to check on me. So sweet already......
Warning - put down your breakfast before you read.
I spoke too soon. I did not earn my keep by merely making baby food on a rainy Tuesday. Today in the span of 8 minutes I fully earned my worth and I learned my lesson. Making the baby food is the easy part. Cleaning up the baby food is for professionals only. I have now scoured the internet trying to find someone to hire out for the job of cleaning up the baby food. Friends had told me that the consistency of a solid food diaper is drastically different than the sweet, innocent, #2 diapers of my previously sweet, innocent baby. I rolled my eyes and didn't think the little 18-pounder could really do enough in that body of his to produce anything more than the diapers we had experienced. I stand corrected. 18 pound-green bean-eating-humans stink and they are gross and there are no words that can describe our 8 minutes of horridness this morning. Let's just say I caught the mess before it creeped into his little baby hairs at the nape of his neck and he was immediately given a morning bath in order to be "destunk" from his mess. I am having to gear myself up for our next episode of green beans and apples in the pants!
There is an art fair at the marina this Saturday. I don't care if they are selling puff painted sweatshirts made by 7 year olds - we are going! I think it is quite splendid to get to walk to a marina (we didn't have one of those around the corner from us in Atlanta) in order to sip some local coffee and view art by local artists! Brad and I have wanted to purchase a painting while in Savannah that we can always have in our home no matter where we live. Hopefully, we can find something that we (seriously, "we" this time) agree on for our purchase. I insist on walking to the event so that means we'll be walking home with our treasure too. Had we a golf cart like most of our neighbors I may take the gold cart but absolutely no driving! Why am I so funny about this? I miss being able to walk places like we did when we lived on Peachtree so whether or not it is the smartest thing - I want to walk to the art fair. I like the idea of it and it makes a good story and that is how I make my decisions - will it make a good story? Watch it rain now.
Lastnight the 3 of us did something we haven't had to do in a very long time. I was invigorated as we drove the 2 blocks to the dinner party. I wasn't sure if we were busting someones birthday dinner of if the hosts even knew we were coming but we went anyway and I am glad we did. There were 7 couples, 8 babies, 2 babies on the way, and some amazing hamburgers. Brooks was the first baby to fall apart when he missed his bed time so unfortunately, we were the first to leave but nonetheless, it was really fun to actually walk into a room and not know but the one person who asked that we join her friends for a dinner in the neighborhood. Honestly, I have heard that this island is full of young people but until last night I would have called you a liar had you told me of these young people. Our first month here I have met every 80+ year old in Savannah because they all live here - right around me but I had yet to meet the youngsters. I was amazed last night to be surrounded by 6 other couples who all lived in a quarter mile vicinity. Brad and I had fun being the new people, too! I told them I was originally a blonde and that my mom is a famous country singer. Kidding. We didn't lie about too many things - just enough to make them like us. Kidding again. I really did have a great time last night and I was so grateful for the invitation. Am I allowed to say we might actually have friends on the island now after just 90 minutes over dinner? That's enough for me.....we have friends here!
Off to finish cleaning up the baby mess.......

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I think about my mama's cooking.

What I think about my mama's cooking (and ability to mix fruits and veggies)

today continued

Because we seem to be chronicling any of today's events (you can tell I am DYING for some adult interaction) I am pleased to report to you that we did get out in our rain boots and venture to the hottest spot on the island. Wal-Mart. If I ever wondered where the people were - I found them. Anyway, this is what was overheard while looking for the baking soda. "Oooh, girl (one lady conversing to her other lady friend), look at that fat baby. He got some fat thighs. What's she feedin that chile? Burritos."

True story. No, we feed him green beans. They are fresh and I'll post a video of the live feeding soon. I did have to put some baked apples in the mixture just for a little more appeal. Day 1 of solid foods in the rain - fairly successful. Take 2 tomorrow.

And then the bottom fell out of the sky

Today felt like a day for playing house. If not just to entertain me for what looked to be yet another day inside these walls (yesterday we were without a car for the day) - then for the pleasure it might bring the mister, excuse me "master" of the house. He praised us last week for the clean house and the Christmas scent that he came home to and therefore, we (Brooks and I) are quite enticed to keep up the good behavior this week. It's amazing how far a little genuine praise can go?
Back to today.....The forecast had called for an 80% chance of rain today which if you ask me the word "chance" shouldn't follow "80%". All day today I have been wondering just what my new weather man was talking about. ...It's been mostly sunny with a chance of meatballs if chance of rain! Until 3 minutes ago when I thought the neighboring ocean had picked itself up and then released itself in our back yard. It's crazy to have water on two sides of your house and watch it rise and whip around when weather like this occurs. Anyway, I am glad the rain named Ida did come as I have sequestered myself and the little person in the house all day in order to do rainy day things and I would have hated to have wasted a day inside with no rain.

I'll admit, after a day like today I actually feel worth my $134k that this job claims to pay. After wearing Brooks out for 3 straight days he finally remembered what it felt like to take a nap. So while he napped this afternoon I earned my keep. I've made Brad some chili - perfect for a rainy night. I've made my in-laws (who we hope will be our first overnight visitors this weekend) and anyone else who cares to stop by some of Charlsie's cookies. She makes them better than I do but I love to make an attempt to come close to her cookies about once every other month. And finally, I did in fact make Brooks some green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes (thanks, Emilie, for sharing!).

Chili looks a little more appetizing than the green bean cocktail (yes,pureed in my blender typically used for margaritas)?

This was truly fun today! I whistled while I worked, wore a cute apron, and enjoyed using my plentiful counter space and all of my fun kitchen tools. But.....I can't always promise I'll love this monster I've created. Now that I've made the first batch of baby food will I place unnecessary guilt on myself if I ever have to buy a jar of Gerber? Sure I know me! And just so you don't feel bad about yourself - consider my scenario. I live on an island. I don't have a real job to go to everyday. I get lost every time I get in my car. I don't know anyone better than I know the mailman so - you can conclude that in this season of life I should get off my booty and make my own baby food. Now, were our days to look even a smidgen like they did in our capitol city - I probably wouldn't have considered this little venture. (Side story - I got to take Brad to work this morning and as Brooks was coughing in his seat Brad asked if there was anything I could give him. I told him there was but I usually choose to not give him medicine right away. I'm not sure where this came from either as Dimatap was one of the 4 food groups when I grew up. Anyway, he continued to joke with Brooks the whole way to work...."Tough it out Brooks. I'm sorry you are having your leg amputated - no drugs for you! Awww, Brooks, you have a cavity, just learn how to focus your breathing- we don't use medicine around here." Isn't Brad quite the jokester?)

Like I said....we'll see how long this adventure lasts but for today I enjoyed playing a little Martha Stewart in the rain! What to do tomorrow if the rain looks to stay???? And what to do if you just realized that your recipe calls for baking soda and baking powder (don't they do the same thing?) and you only have the latter...and its monsooning outside...and you don't know your neighbors enough to ask a neighborly favor?

I see it's raining in the ATL

so here are a few pictures to turn those grey skies blue (from our short visit to Atlanta). Today we are spending a day making some fresh baby food. On the menu - green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Brooks is 2 weeks shy of 6 months old and though I am not ready to have a solid-eating baby it is inevitable the the guy is ready for a real meal. He watches everything that goes in my mouth and gnaws on my chin like its a hot dog when I am holding him. More so, he'll be spending a few days with Mimi (the grandmother name for my mom that we are using this week) in December (while we head to NYC!) and I would hate for her to have to be the one to get him used to eating real food. Therefore, we are going to start this adventure slowly over the next few weeks. Is it cruel that I'm making him start with the green stuff? I hate lima beans to this day so you'd think I'd try a banana first but I'm hoping he bonds with the green stuff better than I did. Look for an update on our progress later. . .