Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best $5.95 lunch around

Brooks and I just ate lunch for $6. Actually, $6.37 with tax and I am feeling so frugal and full that I just had to share with my neighbors. The new FIGO opened on Peachtree Dunwoody last summer. It's a short hop for us to get over there for lunch with a friend and there is always parking - which is a "must" when there is a dependent human in tow. The staff even seemed to enjoy the destruction caused by the two little ones while the mommy's were attempting to converse.

I'm afraid I'll jinx myself by sharing this amazing find but it is worth it - even for a yummy, inexpensive lunch today. I am not sure if this is an everyday deal but it looked like an everyday lunch special - for $5.95 you get to pick two from a selection of soups, salads, or paninis. The best part - after I ordered the lady at the counter asked if I wanted sweet or unsweet tea! Ummm.....I'll have sweet with a lemon please! I don't know anywhere in town where you can sit down, be waited on and get a filling lunch WITH drink for six bucks!

Just for saving money I went and rewarded myself with some more Easter candy. Is it me or do I only talk about food on this blog these days? You can chalk that up to pregnancy - thank you. I only get 20 more weeks of a hearty appetite and then I am on a fasting of sorts - fasting from giving in to every craving and fasting from having unplanned children!

Let's go to lunch this week - call me! On my weekly lunch budget - I can eat at FIGO almost 4 times for lunch and feel like I got a real treat. Yay for good lunch deals in Atlanta!

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