Monday, March 8, 2010

Pretty much the perfect day

Everything is going to seem like peaches and cream for atleast a few paragraphs. If you have a 9 to 5 job you are going to hate me when you are done reading this so I apologize in advance. My heart is full and tired from this perfect Spring day and I think the world should know!

I woke up 30 minutes before Brooks starting babbling his dreams from the night to me from the confines of his crib. Those 30 minutes are the most splendid minutes of any day and some how they seem to go very slowly. Thank you, God.
I was able to eat my typical egg whites with a sprinkle of cheese and a whole wheat English muffin in peace. I even drank my half cup of coffee slowly and I held the glass in between just to let it warm my fingers. I read a soothing devotion and even checked in our finances since I am now in charge of meeting a budget. And, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, fed the Amos dog, and got to see a quick recap of the Oscar dresses on the morning news - all before even a whimper from the wee-man. Like I said, those 30 minutes alone are enough to qualify any day as a superb one but this day just kept going.

We'll bypass the morning because it doesn't make the story as pretty but come lunch time we were back on track. I ate a homemade turkey sandwich on hoagie bread - which just makes the sandwich out of this world! Try it! Then, I met a friend for an impromptu walk around the neighborhood. Hello sunshine! I was actually hot today. I was sweating and had to roll my long sleeves up. The constant sunshine on my face felt so inviting. So, we took the invitation and headed to the park in the neighborhood for some more play time in the sunshine. Brooks got to swing with one of his best buddies and I got to spend a little more unexpected time talking to an adult who happens to be a favorite friend - an added bonus! After our marathon afternoon in the sun we both headed home for a little nap. For once, I was actually able to fall asleep - the puddle of slobber on my arm being the proof. After the much needed shut eye we received yet another unexpected phone call with an invitation to the dog park. When we lived in Atlanta before we made a trip to the "dp" about every afternoon. It sounds crazy, but some of my dearest friends were found at the dog park. Amos was on his absolute worst behavior in heaven running around greeting his old friend and Brooks and I enjoyed seeing our old buddies and getting yet another stroll in for the day. We came home to a casserole I had made earlier in the day. Tomorrow I will video Brooks eating his 2nd helping of casserole. You have no idea - the grunting and kicking this boy can do when his tummy starts telling him he has found something good. OH MY GOODNESS!

And this deserves it's own paragraph. As I write at 9:16 PM my favorite husband is venturing out to get us a sweet treat. The baby needed something sweet to top off the perfect day and Brad loves to make the baby happy. I can't wait to see what he brings back! Could this day have been any more enjoyable? (Maybe, had I not finished the peanut butter M&M eggs last night because they had been a good mid-day snack. And, maybe had Amos not eaten the entire weeks worth of Board Head Turkey from the counter as I was on a walk. And maybe if the Bachelor was still on tonight. But otherwise, there is nothing I would have added to this perfect Spring day!)

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  1. I loved our impromptu walk! Let's do it again immediately!