Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a good feeling about March. As you know, I love months that start on a Sunday or Monday. It just seems fitting. Everything about everything felt like a fresh start yesterday (well, until I ruined my brain with mindless t.v. for 3 hours last night!). We bought a new refrigerator Sunday after running all over the city to try to make a decision. It was delivered yesterday morning and I had this fresh-new feeling about having a fresh-new-spotless refrigerator. I won't lie - I would much rather spend too much money on other things but it did feel good to open the side by side doors and see not a drop or morsel of residue from months of use. Then, yesterday afternoon after Brooks and I made the "we just moved and have not even a stick of butter in the pantry" type shopping trip (which is quite refreshing in itself to start anew even with the condiments that had to be bought) we went to the park down the street. Brooks didn't have on a coat so I looked like the negligent mother that I am but nonetheless, we had fun playing in the sandbox, swinging, and riding a car around the sidewalk. Even though as I type it is snowing out every window - yesterday was just a glimmer of hope of the spring weather that is to come. I love March for that reason...warmer temperatures are sure to head our way.

Last night I also cooked my first dinner in our new kitchen. It feels so good to cook in a new place - and I enjoyed it all the more just knowing I hadn't used any of the appliances before. Can we say easily pleased? I am fully in charge of making sure we meet our budget this month so I felt like cooking in on the first night of the month was a great way to kick start a month of eating in....well, atleast more than usual. Well, after dinner and in between commercials from the television show that Brad and I so shamelessly watched last night - we read Proverbs. That sounds fitting doesn't it. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and crazy enough - 31 days in March so we thought it a novel idea to read a chapter a night and have a little marital discussion. I like fresh new starts and I was happy to spend this time with Brad but the irony of last night is that chapter 1 is all about discipline and unfortunately, discipline was nowhere to be found in our house yesterday - on the first day of March. It's Easter season and I just had to buy Brooks my favorite Easter candies since they are only around seasonally. Well, a half a bag of Cadbury Milk Chocolate mini eggs later and no workout accomplished - I was feeling quite icky reading about discipline. Not to mention, I couldn't have turned from the awful tv show we have followed for a season now to do something more productive if my life depended on it! So, discipline begins today - on this 2nd day of March. I WILL EXERCISE DESPITE THE SNOW OUTSIDE AND THE CADBURY EGGS IN MY BELLY. I WILL.

So, here's to March and a new house, and a new job, a new refrigerator (and hopefully grill soon!), a new park and neighborhood to explore, a new trimester, 31 chapters of Proverbs, and a new mischievous baby who has discovered that crawling actually takes him to places he wants to go and then he can pull things out on the floor and as long as he doesn't cry and is occupied- his mommy doesn't care. I love new beginnings!

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  1. Betsy- congrats on a move back home. Jealousy is rearing it's ugly head over here! Ross and I are reading a chapter of Mark each night for Lent and it's been pretty awesome. Totally agree in the fresh new start idea. Let's hope you are right about warmer temperatures because this mommy need to START exercising before my doctor calls DFCS on me. Hugs to little boy!