Monday, March 22, 2010

Chronicles of the Non-Nap

Every afternoon is a bizarre around our abode. Many of you know what I am talking about. The 1600 to 1900 hours used to be the biggest spectacle. The activities I've pulled out of my behind to entertain a curious young mind before bed time have even surprised me. Let's crumple newspaper! Hey Brooks, how fun is it to empty dad's underwear drawer on the floor and then put them all back and then do it again - 3 times! Anyone want to bang blocks together just to see how loud and annoying the sound can get as it roars through or few hundred square feet? Cool. Hey, Brooks - do you want to play in the tub with no water so I can atleast use the little girls room without you on my lap?

Well, thankfully, those days are getting a little easier because buffet boy likes to eat and within a 4 hour span he'll now eat about 3 times which takes up a majority of my used-to-be-creative-playtime. Now the new challenge awaits us. I'll give you a hint - it' starts with an "N" and ends with a "P" and usually doesn't actually happen thanks to new found skills and the development of a little person.

Yesterday while I was drinking a mimosa and getting my nails done playing my ephemeral tennis match Brad did a little afternoon babysitting. When I got home he told me that Brooks nearly gave him a heart attack trying to swing from the curtains in his room during his supposed "nap." I should have paid more attention because nothing seems to scare Brad when it comes to his son. He's a boy, he says, and needs some bruises and bumps to learn the ways of the world. Ouch. Today I got to see first hand just what he meant and I did jump to get my camera to make sure the entertainment was documented have a heart attack. Thankfully, for our worrisome followers out there I did not catch the first shot of him dangling from his turtle mobile like a trapeze artist at the circus. This boy has some talent, though, believe me!

I did, however, catch him as he attempted to play peek-a-boo with himself and the newly discovered custom made curtains [that don't belong to us]. He would have crawled up them had I not caught him and politely asked him to lay down [never will I say "no" again}.

I tip toed back down stairs and for 3 long minutes I heard nothing. I sat back in my chair, took off my shoes and began dreaming before my eyes even closed until the house began to shake violently. Amos jumped off his couch and we both raced up the stairs to find the crib gorilla shaking the railings of his caging with an eerily humorous smile. I don't know your politics on bumper pads but as the mom of a 1-day-shy-10-month-old I am so thankful for them! I am certain they have spared Brooks many goose eggs on his precious head. Once again, too much commotion this episode for any photography.

Attempt number 4 to curtail the afternoon N-A-P was more entertaining than harmful. This time I walked slowly up the stairs taking in the beautiful sound of a baby laughing at himself. Whether or not a nap is ever in our future again I will trade it for the belly laugh of any baby especially when just laughing at himself. If throwing your socks out of the crib is wrong than I don't want Brooks to be right. This, my friends, is the look of a proud chunky baby.

Because the baby is actually asleep or fooling me yet again I am actually going to use the quiet time and post some recent pictures. Please remind me to take as many pictures of this next little guy! I've yet to even take a belly pic or much less think about maternity clothes - though I need to - isn't it funny how different the 2nd surprises are from the first?? I vowed not to be that mom but I am that mom in every way. There's no other option with a 10 month old roaming around!

Brad's favorite part of a long day.....the night time bottle and snuggling that ensues.

You mean I'm getting to eat again? Swwweeeet!

Mom, do I use cold or warm water for the white laundry?

Doggie door = Baby door to freedom!

Un-nap time is quickly over - always too soon! I'm coming Mr. Brooks......

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  1. Betsy!
    I am so happy tennis is working out for you! It sounds like Atlanta missed you and was ready for y'all to come back. I just love your blog! You are so well-spoken, funny and so real! you are doing such a great job with Brooks (who is too much of a pumpkin, by the way), and I will definitely be on the edge of my seat for when 3 B's in a pod turns to 4 later this year.
    Oh, and those non-nap days are doozies! It sounds like you are much more gracious than I am!
    Lots of love to y'all! I am so happy for your cute family.
    Lauren Dooley