Sunday, March 14, 2010

First day jitters

I have my first competitive experience today in many years. In my past life I was quite the competitor. I like to win and I like to work hard to win even if I am the only person who knew I actually won. Since my new LWK I have lost any competitive bone in my body and almost steered in the opposite direction succumbing to mediocrity and a little bit of carelessness when it comes to goals and personal performance.

Well in T minus 2 hours I am back in the game! I have my first ALTA tennis match today (thanks to Lauren in Orlando for getting me on a team in Atlanta!) and I am not as cool under pressure as I once thought. My legs were shaking all during church this morning and my hands have already started to sweat. It's not that I am that concerned about playing but more so, I am a little uneasy being Betsy-the tennis player rather than Betsy-the mom. I know that sounds pathetic, I admit, but rarely in the past 9 months have I been introduced in any other role than Betsy, the new mom of a chubby baby. As I may have mentioned last week, I was even a little out of sorts at practice - talking about tennis, and the weather, and Athens connections without even a mention of the snoozing, silly baby at home. I feel like I should wear a button with "I LOVE BROOKS" and his picture on my tennis outfit today. Worse, I feel like I am at a substance abuse support group meeting by just writing this post and my substance is my baby - Hello, my name is Betsy and for 10 months I have forgotten about the world around me and have turned to my baby for my every need. Please help me.

Okay so maybe it's not that bad but I am a little nervous. My new team is full of law school grads from UGA sans children (except for a few) and for the first time in my life I may actually have nothing to talk about unless somehow mashed bananas and sleep patterns can mix with billing hours and tribunals (help me, Charlsie, are those even "law things"?) I'm actually not even sure if 18 week pregnant women are legally allowed to play ALTA? Will my baby bump make me more feared or will it literally stick out like a target? Maybe my partner whom I've never met is so competitive that there will be no spare minutes to talk about unrelated topics like kids, future kids in the oven, and careers? I'd hate for her to treat me gently just because I was with child!

Anyway, what do I wear? I still have my bloomers from 7th grade with my name on the backside. You know, just in case someone calls me Betty or something - I can bend over and make sure they get it right next time. My tennis shoes have never been worn but they were purchased 5 years ago when I first thought I'd get back into the game. Do you think they'll do? Maybe I should go put some marks on them so I don't look like the girl who went out and bought brand new shoes on her first day of school. And as for attire - I think half the battle is just showing up prepared and dressing the part but my mom told me last week that people don't wear tennis skirts anymore - they wear tennis dresses. Ohhhhh. Well, I may just have to find something that can suffice as a tennis dress and wear my threatening bloomers beneath.

I gotta go stretch out and get my game face on. I told Brad that he and Brooks were not invited to the first match. I need to see how this whole competition thing goes for me after being out for nearly a year. Next time though I can't wait to have my intimidating baby and chiseled husband to show off. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Betsy! You will have fun. I'm playing today too. Hoping the rain will hold off.

  2. Betsy-I totally get it! Especially the part about maybe needing to wear a button with your baby's face on it!!! Ha, ha! We have come a long way since Fair Oaks, but I do like the new, more complicated, Mommy versions of us! Good luck :)

  3. You'll do awesome! And your baby bump is to be feared, b/c it's amazing to be pregnant AND playing competitive tennis....go, Betsy!